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Control issues with gift?

gave my husband an Ipod for his birthday and he lets his 8 year old son use it. His son has lost two expensive games of his own, has an Ipod of his own but not the latest. IT bothers me that he is allowed to grab it out of his dad's hands and play with it. For some reason it bothers me, even though in my mind I know a gift is a gift, with no strings attached. What mind exersice can I do to get over this?

I am re asking a question posted today already

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    I suggest talking with your husband-not mind exercises to get over it. Because next time a gift comes around the same thing may happen. The son needs to learn boundaries so he doesn't get an inflated sense of entitlement and your husband needs to understand that letting someone take control and enjoy his gift more than he does is rude and inconsiderate to the giver's feelings.

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