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help history please?

Which of the following were not salonnières, women who ran the French salons, as described in the reading?

a.Mme. de Stäel

b.Mme. Geoffrin

c.Mme. de Gouge

d.Mme. Récamier


Which of the following best describes a Parisian salon of the 17th century?

a.A brothel where wealthy men could purchase prostitutes

b.The royal court of the French king and queen

c.An underground society of revolutionaries who led the Reign of Terror

d.A gathering of writers, artists, and intellectuals at a dinner party


According to Mary Wollstonecraft, what was the key to women’s self respect?

a.Political freedom


c.Economic independence

d.Social equality


Mary Wollstonecraft is described as a radical. What is the meaning of the word in this context?

She believed in gradual change through an evolutionary process.

She supported the institutions and philosophies of her day.

She held ideas that were generally not accepted at her time

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    1 : b.Mme Geoffrin and de Gouge weren't "salonnière"

    2 : d. The three other are stupid (Reign of Terror was at the end of XVII century, brothel had other names, and the court of the French King was in Versailles).

    3 : b. According to her book, miseducation, imposed by men (Roussau famously argues in Emile that women are educated for the pleasure of men), was the cause of the situation of women

    4 : I would say the first one.

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