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My husband works for a powercleaning company that cleans the outside of steel mills. He recently went to a nose specialist who told him that he had an infection in his nose and to stay out of the metal-dust that is produced by a seell mill. The bosses at his work are making him work in these conditions, and its not giving his nose a chance to heal. He asked his nose specialist for a note to tell his employers to temporalily not have him work in these conditions till his nose heals, about 2 weeks or so. His employers are trying to tell him that if he turns in this note, they are going to take him off the payroll...can they do this? I know that Indiana is an at-will employing state, but to take someone off payroll b/c of a temporary medical condition..come on! Can they do this?

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    At-will employment is a powerful thing. If you think for a moment that you hubby's company cares one bit for him, you are wrong.

    I'd suggest you and you hubby go to Lowes or Home Depot and buy an industrial-grad respirator and have him wear it on the job.

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    If the nose infection was caused by something at work (i.e. a piece of metal got in his nose from the powerwashing) then you would have a Work Comp case which would cover the time he is out of work.

    The best thing to do is call an attorney who specializes in work comp cases and employee rights. See the list below for places to look for an attorney. Good luck! I hope your husband feels better soon!

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    The solution would be for the employer to buy their employees masks to keep the metal dust residue from entering the nasal cavity. The problem is solved. Case Closed. Get back to work punk.

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    If it is cause by working conditions then it is a Workman's comp. issue.

    IF not then has he been there aleast a year? Does the company have more than 100 workers with in 75 miles? If so He can, I believe, take family leave. Yes it is unpaid but his job is protected.

    Source(s): My reference a college law class and I may not have the details right. But you might want to look into it
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    Can't he wear an aspirator that would protect the nose?

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    Consult an attorney and give notice

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