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why are my widows closing?

Ok, I have alot of pop ups, which I don't want but now, every time a pop up comes up, I close it and then my whole window closes, and it goes to my desktop atthe beginning so I have to click the E again and start all over. Why i this happenng?

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    Get firefox 2.0 with google toolbar

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    Spyware spyware spyware. Get spyware scanners etc., but in the long run you really might have to format your hard drive. No matter how many anti-spyware programs I used, the nuisance programs just kept duplicating themselves. When you re-format, it's worth paying $40 or so for a good firewall program, to make sure it doesn't happen again. Don't install programs unless you check first if they have bundled software with them. This usually happens with free trials of software. You will need someone with decent computer knowledge to re-format your hard drive properly.

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    I think this prob is relate with operating system just format u r comp and reinstall it.

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    using internet explorer?

    check out other browsers .....

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