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which 1 shud i buy:Wii,PS3 or windows vista?

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    Out of those three, I would buy the Wii.

    PS3: Too expensive. Also, I refuse to buy any more Sony products after their rootkit fiasco, where they secretly installed software on people's computers that allowed hackers easier access to their system. (Mind you, it was supposedly just to keep people from pirating music, but (a) it was secret, (b) you couldn't opt out, and (c) they never truly apologized until they lost several lawsuits.

    Vista: It doesn't seem like it'll be too stable and the release date keeps getting pushed back. I switched to linux and, other than a few glitches, it works fine. And it's free. :-) And safer than Windows.

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    do NOT get windows vista. first of all there is no comparison between vista and a game system. i really hope you knew this already. if you didn't, go do some research (try typing in vista on google) or don't bother getting any of them. anyway, you should wait a while to buy vista so Microsoft can work all the bugs out. the ps3 also has some problems and probably wont be worth buying for another 6 months. the wii is your best option if you're planning to get it before Christmas. btw I'm almost 100% positive that vista won't be out until 2007 so it's really pointless to be asking this question.

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    Get a Wii. Graphics aren't everything, and btw, the graphics for the Wii WILL improve. The PS3 is an over-priced, overrated piece of junk. And don't accuse me of being biased, as last console war; I had a PS2 and didn't buy a gamecube.

    The Wii is just the better console. And Windows Vista? Please! XP will still be fine for a couple of years, so don't be in such a rush.

  • Depends on what you like really. Wii is fun but the graphics aren't great. PS3 is pretty much a power house but expensive. And as for Vista I don't know.

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    Just plain Fun

    PS3 is too much $$ and no good games yet...

    Vista...may be a disaster..always wait at least 6 months after the release of a new MS operating system...anyone who bought in to Windows Me will tell you the horror stories...MS is due for a bad OS...beware!

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    Wii for family. PS3 for teens/adults.

    Windows Vista is on it's own.

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    Wii, !!!! all the way, very interactive.... Is a workout videogame!

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