How do i make a website like myspace or careerbuilder or

I want to start something like myspace or a job thing like careerbuilder. Can someone help?

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    You may want to do what I did, check out Yahoo Small Business, then purchase a Web Hosting plan and Domain Name.Then, you need to register your site to a service such as Submitnet, so future customers worldwide can find you business on the web. You need servers (to store customer's data, information and graphics, etc.), a service such as Pay-Pal to process payments, and a toll-free phone number(s) for Customer Services inquires, etc. You may also want to associate with business partners who have extensive legal, financial, programming and small business administration knowledge.

    I wish you the best of luck!

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    well for stuff like that you'd have to learn how to program and design web pages.The best for dynamic web pages is PHP and to manage databases SQL. Of course you'll need to already know HTML and then Java Script would also probably be a must.

    Then - when you've worked down that list and created a page combining all that stuff, you have to market the thing. If your idea has nothing REALLY unique and interesting about it this will probably be a problem. People join such communities because there are so many other people there. This is a problem at the beginning of an Internet business. After that it won't be a problem to find sponsors and make that thing grow!

    The most basic and most important thing is the idea. If your idea is clear and you can create a sound plan you won't have a problem. You could probably delegate most of the work to college students, who would be qualified and not too expensive.

    Source(s): I used to be interested in this stuff.
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    re you saying a "competitor" to myspace or careerbuilder? It depends on what you intend to do with the business.. You need to think through the logistics of many things, first and foremost is your audience.

    I "rent" hosting space from a company that provides hosting for about $100/yr. I've got 5 named domains hanging off the space.

    That is the cheap part. from there you have to consider the time and software requirements to develop and deploy your site. Do you want a database driven site? Do you know some basics of programming or are you looking for a "package" deal?

    I host a couple of portal sites for organizations, I opted for Open Source Code called "E107", it has many features I required including message board, and other features. There are many Open Source products where the coding is already done. You need to make it fly in your environment.

    I've built sites like this for my customers beginning at about $500 for consulting time that didn't want to do anything with the backend installation but felt comfortable with managing the site once installed. I've got one site that I babysit for a client and the fees have become a monthly fee.

    If your site becomes large enough you may want to have dedicated hosting or a dedicated server, the cost goes up with each potential audience member.

    Good luck.. If you need assistance I can provide the service from beginning to rollout on E107 for a fee. Check my profile for email addr.

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    I do not know what your reasoning is for wanting to build such websites but if you want to be able to build websites similar to myspace or careerbuilder, you will need to know how to program, write web scripts and code, and such. There really is no easy way to answer this question but the short and simplest answer would be its time consuming. You need to obtain a domain name, webspace, a dedicated server, etc... There is really no shortcut or simple way to go about this. If you do not know how to do these things, you have a few options...

    1) Go to the library and spend endless hours reading up on a TON of books regarding web design, programming, etc...

    2) Go to school and pay to take a bunch of classes and learn how to do this

    3) Pay a professional and build one for you

    or 4) Have a friend or someone you personally know who is willing to go out of their way to do it for you.

    It is a very time consuming project even for professionals to get the site up and running and depending on how detailed the web contents maybe, it could be finished in a matter of days or even a matter of years (also depending on the experience of the person or people designing the site). In addition, it will require maintance and daily updates if the site grows big enough and have a stable number of users sign-up. The list of things that need to be done is quite long to list and its not something I would want to go into specific details.

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    Myspace is more USA based, more public. Facebook is more popular round the world. There is a new one, which is getting popular in the USA, like a cross between facebook/myspace and a flirting website. Its is called myyearbook.

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    There are a lot of pre-made scripts on the market that will give you a good base of the things you are looking to do. Take a look at for a starting point. pick your programming language that will work on your server and search. if you need something custom built message me. ;-)

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    to start and learn the basics ,use NVU editor (, it's free and wont tie you down to one method of editing. NVU pages can be transferrable to frontpage or dreamweaver html editor

    SEE for more info on Premium HTML Editors (WYSIWYG)

    ► For free hosting, try google pages or yahoo geocities ,

    its sort of free hosting, but you are limited to a subdomain on googlepages & geo has ads on your website - otherwise I would use to get one for a few bucks a month with 500 GIG bandwidth and the rich with features

    its up to you how developed a site you want and if you want to use your own domain name

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    Here's an awesome open source script that you can do just that.


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    first u have to purchase web space for developing web site.

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