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what about your body heat? Mines sometimes is hot!?

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    when I was pregnant, I had "hot flashes" -- and normally am cold-natured. It's normal! your hormones are changing, which can cause both hot flashes and excess sweating....the same as with menopause!

    I'm now at 3 months after the birth of my baby, and everything is back to "normal."

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    My body seems to stay warm too... my wife's body seems to do just the opposite. I think it must be a blood circulation issue at times. Sometimes, I need to find a cold part on the bed and / or pillow to fall asleep. Also, I can wear shorts in the winter (if needed).

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    i wake up in the middle of the night dripping wet due to sweat!its awful!i am normally very cold!your body is pumping more blood and therefore makes you hotter!i just thank God that its winter!i couldnt stand to be pregnant in the summer again!

    Source(s): mom of 2 and 32 weeks preg
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