Desperate Houswives and not desperate homemakers?

Hi, I am an American English teacher iliving in Switerland. My students want to know why the word housewives and not hommakers is used in the title of the show? Thanks.

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    I don't think you want to tell them the answer, but; here it is.

    Three years ago in Houston, Texas there was a lady named Andrea Yates who drowned her five children as a result of post patrum depression left untreated. The creator of the show "Desperate Housewives" was watching the news and following the trial of Ms. Yates and talked to his mother about how unusual such a situation must be to have a house wife kille her children. His mother told him that is not that unheard of and proceeded to discuss other women and their difficulties being both wife and mother. The idea here is that you are not just married to your spouse but to the house as well. It becomes a sort of prison. Homemaker sounds like you are a construction worker, that you make homes. Housewives sounds like you are a stay at home wife. That was the image he wanted you to have even though the characters have lives outside the house as well. In case you are wondering, Yates was also a nurse. She is currently under psychiatric care for an indeterminate period of time after having her convictions overturned for murder on the grounds that she was legally insane. Like i said you won't want to give children this answer but I watched an interview with the show's creator and he explained it all.

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    I think that possibly the writers /producers think that most people (Americans and other countries as well) understand the term housewives better. I mean the ladies (most of them anyway) take care of the household chores ie, cooking, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, dishes etc. while their husbands (if married) go out and have the job. Lynette is the exception. She used to do that but now works and Tom stays home. Susan takes care of the house, Mary Alice did, Bree does, Gaby doesn't but she did when the maid was pregnant. So I suppose if you take care of the house mostly by yourself then you are married to the house and kids while your husband earns the money. Which we all know is not true because if you hired someone to come into your house daily and do what a housewife /homemaker/ child sitter does she/he would be earning a lot more money than any 'husband' can bring home by himself.

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    Well, personally I don't like the show, but in my opinion, most Americans say housewives, and for the show they are not in the true sense of the word "Homemakers" they are everything but.

    Is "Homemakers" more often said in Switzerland?

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    Because the leads are all women.

    Sex sells and they want to make sure you know this show is about women (who are sexier than men).

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    Bwahahahohohehehaha! I predict you will see this very skit on Saturday Night Live.

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