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Last night on Miami Ink....?

Not the new episode that aired last night, but the older on that came on after it. A older lady, a breast cancer survivor got a tattoo that was a painting by a specific artist, anyone know who it was, I believe the first name was Alfonzo or Alonzo....I really liked the art that I saw and would like to see more....

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    Alphonse Mucha

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    All I have to say about Miami Ink, is they are nasty. There have been so many times that I have seen one of the artist wipe their face or touch somehing while they had gloves on (the gloves they were tattooing with). If you know anything about steralization in a tattoo shop, you know how nasty that it. Also, I have seen them do so many things that would create biohazards. Eww..I am at a tattoo shop everynight, I pretty much work there. So, I know what I am talking about. Plus, the artist aren't the greatest, except the one guy...can't remember his name, he's an ***, but he is good (He did a rappers back, Rotten Apple) But the other artists...I know pleanty of other artists who would smoke their tattoo skills.

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