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All big screen plasma junkies!!!?

Ok....I want to get a 50 inch plasma and don't really know what to look for. I'm a guy in my 20's so most of the time I'm either watching sports or playing XBox, watching movies (you get the idea)....i know Pioneer Elite is amazing but that's just too much money. I don't want to break the bank but would spend up to I guess 2500. Any ideas? Thanks

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    plasma tv's may burn images but not as likely as LCD to show shadows while a lot of action is on the screen i.e. football and gaming. plasma has to be the way to go. as for the model i would say a Panasonic PX60. happy viewing

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    well first of get an LCD

    it is a little pricery but there is no galre like the plasma has

    you can fix an lcd you cannot fix a plasma,

    and since you are into gaming i should let you know that the plasma will burn images on it, from games you play alot, like the life bar of player. things that stay there throughout game.

    So get anLCD

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    Just bought a Vizio LCD 46". I was also looking to purchase a plazma TV. Not only is the TV incredible, it was priced right and the customer service is awesome. I did my homework, this TV is the real deal.

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