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my dog dew claw is fraying?

my dog does not like his nails to be clipped so i don't do it as often as i should. but lately i noticed that some of his nails are fraying (breaking off in pieces). and when i tried to clip his dew claw he cries out in pain. now whenever he sees the clipper he runs away from me. what can i do? and what causes the nails to fray?

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    i would take him to the vet. they can actually remove the dew claw all together. sometimes my dogs nails peel too but i think its just because hes outside running around alot. but if those nails seem to be hurting him too i would for sure take him to the vet.

  • Misa M
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    The less often you clip a dog's nails, the lower down the "quick" (nerve) of the nail will grow down. You'll need to do just a bit at a time, not in one big cut. If you "quick" your dog, it will hurt as you'll be cutting the nerve.

    You can desensitize a dog to nail clipping by just holding the clipper in your hand and feeding him. Be sure the treats you use are really amazing especially when you start this. Gradually (over a period of days) begin to just touch the clippers to your dogs feet as you keep feeding treats. Then, when the dog isn't scared of what you're doing, pick up one of his feet while you're holding the clippers, and then let it go and give him a big jackpot of treats!

    You should be able to clip your dog's nails again in time. Just keep up with the treats, and only do a bit at a time.

    I've seen the fraying you're talking about, and I'm not sure how serious that might be. My dog injured his right front dewclaw years ago, but it's healed now - I'm just careful when I clip.

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