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while executing the dumbbell chest press, rotating the palms of your hands inwards simply DECREASES the tension on the pectoral muscles? True or False

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    This will work very noticibly if you've got pectorals as large as I do. Put your left hand across your right pec. Then simulate the motion of going all the way through the repetition with the "dumbell" - it's not in your hand for this - parallell to your body. Then try it perpindicular to your body. No twisting. The paralell one should make the outside of the pec, below the armpit do the clear majority of the work, the rest of the weight is distributed on the arm and shoulder. When it's perpendicular, your whole pec is more involved, but this area under the armpit is not hit as hard.

    Key to my advice here is the fact that when the dumbell is paralell to your body, your arm does more of the weight. I'm pulling these numbers outta the air, but I'd think it's reasonable that when your paralell, the pec does 60%of the weight, with 90%of that weight on the area under the armpit, 10%the rest of the ped, and the other 40% of the total weight is put on your arm and shoulder. When the dumbell is perpendicular, the pec does about 75%of the total weight, with the weight about evenly distributed (not exactly, but close,) and 25% total weight in the arms. Now, chest press does not seek to hit the arms, usually. It's for the chest. That means you usually do not want to lift any more with the arms than you have to - let them stay fresher, and the chest do more work. So unless you have a serious problem with your outer pecs, I'd do them perpendicular to the body, not paralell.

    Also. This is very important. It is totally true. It's also going against what someone told you and about 50% of the people working out out there, but stay with me. It makes 100% sense if you think about it for like 30 seconds, maximum.

    The chest can only contract, which helps you get the weight up. It "pushes" the weight up by pulling the chest in very strongly. It will react differently, depending on how the load is lifted, but it will only then lift the same exact way with a different section of the three main segments of the pectoral (upper, mid and lower). It is a very powerful muscle; it looks good (I think), but it is not a DYNAMIC muscle. IT ALWAYSE DOES THE SAME THING. It's kindof a thug. Further, it does not have endurance. think aboutt it - you carry groceries home, you hold them for like 20 minutes even if they're 30lbs. That isn't much weight, until you carry it for like 5 minutes. That's because your biceps are slow twitch muscle fibers. They have endurance. Now think of boxing - you punch hard, (not a jab,) your pecs are used fully for about 1/2 a second. Remember Ali using the ropeadope technique? He just defended himself while the opponent hammered away till they were tired. Ali would sustain minimal damage, then kill off the weakened guy. The pecs are great for a few hardcore explosions, but not for holding things for a while or great amounts of reps. That's why you should never ever count to 5 on the way up and 10 on the way down (unless you're doing negatives, you'll count to 5-10 on the way down,) if you're training chest. Even on negatives, (which are scientifically proven to only be worth it to powerlifters when you could just do another regular set with high intensity,) you don't bother with slowing the upward pull from your spotter.

    When you twist (rotate) your weight with dumbells on chest, your arms do the rotation. The chest cannot do such a dynamic maneover. Your forearms work in conjunction with your triceps and they turn the weight. This takes extra time. So while you're putting more tension on your chest by taking more time, then shifting from the outer pec to whole, all it does is deplete more oxygen from the system and take more energy out of the chest, without building or in this case, even strengthening the muscle. You're only training your arms BETTER by rotating, and your chest is only tired out by the effort. DON'T ROTATE. Pick one or the other. Just because it feels more tired, doesn't mean you got it better, unless you know the science behind how it works and you know for sure that you were hitting it right (in which case more beat = better worked.) Stick with one or another, and if you are going for the most all around one, keep the dumbells perpendicular to the body (yes, let your arms go out a little to make room at the bottom, you'll be fine.)

    Ps - I just read my response and noticed something. False, it does put more tension on the muscle. It does. But it's the wrong TYPE of tension for ANY kind of practical result. So even though it's false that it decreases tension, don't do it.

    Good luck and knock em out!

    Source(s): One hell of a lot of experience.
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