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Thinking about getting a Nintendo DS Lite...........?

I'm thinking about getting a DS Lite. I'm 16 years old and a Girl. I have some questions

~What's the most popular color for the DS Lite? I'm thinking about getting either the black or the pink one. Maybe Black.

~I know about the DS lite has the built in wifi but I don't have DSL I only have Dial Up on my Computer. What can I do?

~Is there anything else I should know about the DS lite?

~What are some good games?

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    ~Get a pink they're really cute. that's the one I got.

    ~You can't really use the Wi-Fi unless you have a wireless router. So... yeah. I have DSL but I don't have a wireless router so I would have to buy a special USB thing that's like $40. So basically with dial-up you can't use the Wi-Fi.

    ~Also, I though Pictochat (which comes programmed on the DS) was something used with Wi-Fi but it's actually just something that you can chat with someone else if they are certain amount of feet away from you.

    ~I bought Harvest Moon DS which is REALLY good, and I got Nintendogs which is fun.

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    The most popular color for girls is pink, but the black is really cool. Mario games are always a good choice the more populars are New Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart and Super Princess Peach

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    <i'm 16 and that i'm questioning about getting a DS lite. Do you imagine I ought to get a red or Black One. > Black! <also, i have been reading about the ingredient referred to as, "Picto Chat" once you click on it, does it only load in different activity enthusiasts that are close to for your section or some thing?> sure, actually. you turn it on, click on the pictochat button, and also you'll see 4 chat rooms alongside with the type of persons in each room. this is relaxing, yet you could actually use it with human beings interior of like one hundred ft of you. <And, with the little stick thingy, the position do you placed it at the same time as your performed taking section in?> there's a fit in the back of the DS the position you could properly keep it. <And with Nintendogs, Is Lab and friends a reliable One? if so, what do you want about it? And once you've the different canines video games, what do you want about it?> this is relaxing to puppy the canines and use your voice to educate it tricks. : )

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