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why war?????????????

why do we have wars and argue - even here we argue about pointless things. shouldnt we just enjoy our lives while we have them or is it just a way of life to have wars. shuld we try to do something about it or just let it be

what do you think - please anwer im so lonely

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    awww sorry your lonely,..

    it would be nice if peopel could just enjoy life,.. but unfortunatly theres things in life called greed, power, money, selfishness, self intrest, ambition, fear, and many other terrible things,...

    not everyone has them,... but some do,... and that combined with ignorance and a lack of understanding is why people fight wars, or more truthfully,.. send others to fight wars while they make dumb *** decisions,.. (i mean this on all sides here)

    if only there was something that could be done,... but people aren't perfect,. ans so its the way of the world

    hope that keeps you entertained for like 30 seconds or so :)

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    As long as humans inhabit the earth, there will be arguements and fights. We fight in the courtrooms, the streets, the playground, and home. Religion, the need for power and dominance, customs, and pride have caused many conflicts. Sometimes it is necessary to fight for what you believe in. Do you want to be a communist? Do you want a particular religion forced on you? Do you want your freedom? Think very carefully about it. Freedom is not free. There has and always will be someone who wants to take it away from you. It may no longer be communism - it is Terrorism. It doesn't matter how you feel about war or terrorism - terrorist will kill you just the same. No one really wants war, but sometimes it becomes necessary for our survival as a free country. Be thankful we have soldiers that will give their lives so you can make comments here. War comes in many forms - crime, legal battles, divorce, corporate takeovers, or siblings arguing. As long as people are different, there is always the possibility of fighting. As individuals, it is up to us how we handle it. Raise your kids to be smart and independent, but strong. If you let people, they will take everything you have, will have, and wish you had.

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    About 4 million years ago, our ancesters aquired the power of speech. This allowed the weak among us to band together and either kill the bullies or drive them out of the group. (who left and 'took over' another group, or found other agressives to band with) What we have now is two dominant gene pools. One that favors co- operation and one that favors dominance. We still haven't worked that out.

    We are far more peaceful than Chimpanzees, or nearest cousins, who exhibit an act of violence within their group an average of every 30 seconds.

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    All those who go for wars firmly believe that it is the only way to ensure peace !

    So be peaceful, and don't start a war about THAT !

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    War is an old mans battle fought by our young people.

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    You are lonely? Me too...

    Why war? because basically human loves to show off to others their self pride, honor and ego.


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    War to create peace.

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    because the lives (and quality of them) of others and ourselves arent pointless, their important.

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    human insecurity. it is the root of all of our problems. we are not comfortable with our beliefs being challenged.

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    we lack unity. we need to set others as a higher priority than ourselves.

    Source(s): philippians 2 the bible
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