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I LOVE Febreze. Where can I buy it for cheap? I like air effects, scentstories disks, & fabric spray?

I buy a lot of this stuff and it gets expensive. Especially the ss disks. They cost $5.80 a piece. I am looking for coupons or maybe a site that offers cost effective bundles.

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    Go to www.febreeze.com and print off $13.00 in coupons. Also, if you'll just google febreeze, there is a site that will mail you free samples and coupons just to try. I think it's www.freehouseholdproducts.com

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    Cheap Febreze

  • I LOVE this stuff too. But I'm finding out more and more how bad it is for us to breathe this in. You should do a bit of research on this stuff. Even though the air smells so much better after this stuff is used, that doesn't mean the air we're breathing is any better or cleaner. Some people that I know have been buying essential oils and then burning that in a potpourri dish, or there is also organic scented spray.

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    COSTCO/SamsClub or some of those grocery stoires that are starting to carry the bulk sections..you have to buy 3-4 bottles at a time, but often they're in variety packs and you still save 30-40%

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    1 decade ago

    sams club sells the three for 8-9 dollars

    Source(s): me shopping and buying them
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    Check Sam's Club or Costco if you have one in your area.

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    family dollar has them cheaper if theres any in your area; if not walmart...

  • Barbie
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    sams !

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