I'm moving in 2 days, any tips on how to pack a 24' moving truck?

I'm only moving 2 hrs away, but I have lots of boxes & some furnature.We are moving ourselves, It'll just be my husband, my 2 teenage daughters & myself. One guy maybe to come & help with the heaviest stuff. Any tips will be very much appreciated. We haven't moved in 121/2 yrs. Thank You!!!

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    You should put heavy appliances to the front of the truck (nearer the driver), then furniture, then boxes and miscellaneous. Is it a regular moving truck or something that attaches to the back of your vehicle? There are safety issues for packing a truck/trailer. Call UHaul or some other moving company for safety/truck packing tips.

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    i would put furniture and heavy items in the back then add the boxes of things you don't need right away. Loose items like bikes and chairs I would put on top of the boxes and close to the front because you can easily take them out lay them on the lawn and if the kids need a break from unpacking they can scoot around the neighbourhood for a look. Glassware on top, pots and pans clearly labelled in boxes up front so they can be one of the first items out also coffee pot is a must LOL

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    put the heavier furniture in first (couches, dressers, beds, china cabinets, etc) fill open spaces with boxes, keeping light weight objects for putting on top. Make sure breakables are packed very well and secure. Use blankets to wrap around mirrors and lamps. Start filling truck from the back to the top and then forward to the top. Best of luck to you all.

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    Pack the biggest stuff first! It's always easier to add the little things in the cracks and crevices and open spaces leftover, than it is to fit big things in the small spaces. (There's a metaphor about life in there somehwere!). Anyway, having moved 12 times in the last 15 years, my motto is: When you think you're almost done, that means you're half-way! Good luck with your move.

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    Put all your smaller things towards the back..things that need to get set on the bigger furniture pieces. Put the furniture towards the door so you can get that stuff in your new place first that way you don't have all the smaller boxes in your way when moving the furniture in..then when you bring the boxes in to unload you will already have something to put them on. Happy moving day!

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