How do you know?

That you are attached to someone you are just having casual sex with. I mean people tell me it is normal for that to eventually happen. What do people mean when they say if you are going to have casual sex you need to know how to play the game.

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    1 decade ago
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    Casual sex normally means just that... someone you can have sex with and not have feeling for. Someone you can hook up with but with no strings attached. Its like a hit and quit it type of deal. You can however develop feelings for someone you are intimate with if you start spending more and more time with them but playing the game basicaly means doing the do and not catching feelings. I know a lot of guys that can sleep with a girl but does not want to spend quality time with her. He will go over and hit it and bounce but if she asks to go to the movies or out to dinner he will make up some kinda excuse as to why he cant go. That is because in his eyes her only value is sex. You know you are attached to someone if you want to spend time with them. If you are going through your day and you think about them(not just in a sexual way), you actually enjoy the time you spend together and most important if the thought of them being with someone else hurt you. Not on some ego stuff because makes you upset because you really care about the person.

  • Mel
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    1 decade ago

    What they mean is that you have to know how not to get emotional about it, and just keep it at sex. Theres a fine line with casual sex because you really need to keep it distant and a little less personal and that is a hard thing to do when you're sleeping with somebody. I did a really good job at it when I was younger, but now that I'm settled down, I would really just recommend getting into a relationship... the sex is so much better and I really enjoy the emotional attachment. Just something to think about.

  • JustMe
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    What they mean by playing the game is that you dont let yourself start to have feelings for the other person. Its supposed to be just casual sex but most times someone winds up falling in love. So if you dont play the game right and fall in love with your casual sex friend then you open yourself up to getting hurt. Casual sex for women is usually only good when they guy is into you and your just using him for sex.

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    well people reaqlly dont know what they saying they just saying it because of the fact they like that sain but i dont know but if you do please tell me thankyou and good luck finding the question out

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