Does 0 = Infinity?

According to Yin and Yang principles of the chinese which say that You need Light and Darkness to have anything, does 0 = Infinity?

0 is nothing. Infinity is everything. To have infinity you must have nothing, and to have nothing you must have infinity. Therefore, are they not equal?

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    1 decade ago
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    Wow, that's really deep.

    And wrong.

    The idea of yin and yang is a philosophical idea expressing balance in all things.

    It has nothing to do with phyiscs or math.

    In those practical, appliable sciences, 0 is nothing and infinity is everything -- and the two are opposites, not equal. And no, neither one depends on the existence of the other.

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    Zero does not equal infinity.

    Take the equation 1/0. This has no answer (it is asymptotic). The asymptote is often labelled infinity. In a similar sence, the equation 1/infinity has no answer but is often written as zero. Using these simple statements:

    1 = zero times infinty

    This, of coarse, makes no sence because zero multiplied by anything would equal zero. If infinity equaled zero, you could write:

    1 = zero times zero

    This is totally untrue! The difficulty is that neither zero nor infinity are technically numbers.

    Nevertheless, this has nothing to do with Ying and Yang, Light and Dark, Sith and Jedi or any other opposites you can think of. Why would the Ying-Yang philosophy mean that dark equalled light anyway?

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    Very interesting question indeed.

    I would not be so quick to say that they are not the same thing simply because they are opposites. A coin has two sides, opposites to one another, which make the whole. We usually talk about the "coin" and not so much about side a or side b, which tend to be treated as being "coin."

    If you can know zero from infinity, and vice versa... just like we know happiness through sadness... it would be fair to say that they are reflections of one another. That is, if we see our image in the mirror, this image will be opposite to the real. What is left becomes right, and what is right becomes left. Thus, our reflection is the opposite of our image, and this opposite image informs us about the image which we seek knowledge about. What does happiness look like if it were to look in the mirror? What would infinity look like if it were to do the same?

    Therefore, are zero and infinity really different things? Then how come infinity is defined by zero? After all, 1/0 = infinty. If they are indeed reflections of one another, then which one is the "real" thing, and which one is simply an image on a mirror?

    Remember, both relativity and quantum theories changed our thoughts about the physical world. Humankind has been withOUT zero for much longer than WITH zero. Therefore, we cannot be arrogant to assume we know it all. Next thing you know a new scientific theory shows that zero and infinity are indeed the same thing.

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    I think you can look at yin and yang at the to opposite extremes. not necessarily good and evil. It represents the forces of nature wich is what science is all about. If you ask me 0 does = infinity. Is nothing not infinate?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, of course, they are not equal. But, one can consider 0 to be infinitely small and "infinity" to be infinitely the Yin and Yang thing can work!

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    according to yin and yang principles does needing darkness and light to have anything, does that make them equal? the same thing? It just means both have to exist in order to creat anything else, supplementary, not equivalent...? just a thought...

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    Nothing and Everything are opposites, as are 0 and infinity

  • 1 decade ago

    they are the most opposite things in the universe

    but by the yin yang principle,they are not =,they are the only things that are truly balanced

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    1 decade ago

    Zero is not actually a integer (technically) it was created for certain mathmatical equations as more of a place holder.

    Its reference is to the value of nothing

    oo is the symbol for infinity

  • 1 decade ago

    no. actually 1/0 is considered as infinity

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