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My husband's snoring is killing me so is him not waking up when the alarm goes off?

Hubby snores so loud that it keeps me up at night. He also sleeps so deep that he doesn't wake up even when the alarm goes off. It pisses me off that he keeps setting the stupid thing and it never does anything for him; he basically sets it for me to wake him up. This disrupts whatever little sleep I get and it takes me 1/2 to 1 hr to get back to sleep. Why I wake him up? the alarm is on his cell, he is the only one that can turn it off - it's annoying - we have a new baby and I can't let it go off too long as it'd wake baby up - He needs to go to work. On top of this, I have to care for baby by myself at night, baby wakes up often; it's useless to even try to wake him up to help cause by the time he wakes up, I'd already finish whatever; trying to wake him up would wake baby up completely too. If baby is asleep, I still cant sleep cause of hubby's snoring. Nothing helps so far but for him to sleep on his side, he cant keep the same position though, he blames it on his deep sleeping.


He is also in denial, he thinks that he cannot do anything about his deep sleeping, if I say that all it takes is practice and that I did it because I need to be that way as a new mom, then he'd say that we are different. Sleeping in separate rooms is not really an option because I would hear the alarm and I would have to get up and turn it off, also I can still hear him snore because it's that loud. I dont really wanna sleep in separate rooms forever either, it defeats the purpose of being married.

Update 2:

Already tried those nose strip things

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    there are some strips being sold now that go along your nose and helps prevent the snoring by opening your air ways helping you to sleep better at night as far as his deep sleeping sorry have no real suggestions for that

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    Wow... do I ever I understand where you are coming from, sister! There's a ton a great advice here that I also plan to consider because my husband snores so loud it drives me up the freakin' wall. I could just kick him off the bed sometimes! Someone up there said "it's not his fault," and while I know that that's true, it's so hard to remember that fact at 3 a.m. when his lips are flappin' in the wind again, he's sleeping too deeply to roll onto his side, and I haven't slept in days. Sometimes, I feel so resentful toward him about this, it's not even funny. Some day, once we are able to move into a bigger house, I am definitely requesting we have a nice guest room with a big, comfy bed that I can escape to on the BAD NIGHTS.

    My husband has always been completely useless when the baby wakes up, too. He has NEVER been up even once with her and she is going on two years of age. We have another baby on the way and I can only expect more of the same. I'm like you, though. I'd almost rather he didn't help anyway. He'd only wake the baby up even more and leave me to deal with her. *pfft*

    And about the alarm clock.... OMG, are we married to the same man?????? Mine has a problem with hitting the SNOOZE BUTTON 50 times every morning. So every 9 minutes for about an hour, I am also getting woken up. It's beyond ridiculous. I am searching for an alarm clock WITHOUT the snooze feature and planning to give it to him for *MY* birthday this year. All I want is some sleeeeeep!!!! #@^&%#!!!!

    Sorry for the rampage. I have no answers. It just felt good to VENT!!! lol

    Good luck

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    He needs to have a sleep study to find out if he has sleep apnea. Stop waking him up. Like the other lady said, you are not his mama! If he's late for work enough, he'll become responsible enough to get up on his own. Get some ear plugs and you and the baby sleep in another room with the door shut. Or, get some ear plugs and sleep in the same room. When the baby cries, don't get up. If the baby screams loud enough he's bound to hear it. I know it seems mean to the baby, but it will work. Or, take shifts with the baby... Monday is your night to get up with him or her, Tuesday is his, etc... On the nights that are not yours, sleep in another room so you can get some rest. But I think the most important thing to do is to get him checked out. He may be not breathing at night, hence the snoring, hence the fact that he can't wake up in the morning.

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    Depends on the day I had before or whats coming in the new day. I usually always wake up at least once and fall back to sleep 30 minutes before the alarm goes off. Then I can't seem to wake up.

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    There are nasal strips that can open his nose and, possibly, help with the snoring. As far as the alarm, I hate it when my husband sets his cell alarm too. I have no idea how to turn it off. I would say he needs to find some alarm or something that will wake him up. If worse comes to worse, you could have him go to the doctor or if you must sleep with earplugs (I do, at times).

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    Keep waking him up..I do it... Tell him to roll over on his side...Only thing that works for my husband. If and when it doesn't I sleep with my feet at his head, so I don't hear him so loudly.. He'll get sick of being woken up...and learn how to sleep better! Get him tested for sleep apnea as well... He could be having breathing issues and not realize it...I do myself and never knew it until recently.

    & Get him a real alarm clock and make sure his cell is in the other frickn room! Unless he wants the baby in the living room w/him on the couch!

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    OK.. first let's try to make you sleep..

    Look here to prevent your husband from snoring :

    Buy him some "Breathe Right" Nasal strips

    Buy youserlf some Ear Plugs (stopples)

    Now that you can sleep too let's focus on waking him up.. I suggest you to buy a new alarm clock like this and put it on his side of the bed :

    Good luck!

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    I feel your pain sweetie!!! I've been married to the snor monger for 15 yrs now!! This man snores so bad my neighbors occasionally hear it in their room!!! Not fibbing-we live in an apt.! Your best bet(that I found helps out alot)is buy some earplugs!! Girl-I love my husbband-but we about got divorced over this!!It tends to make the person not getting any sleep HATE the snorer!!!!Easier to get the earplugs instead of divorce or a hater relationship!!Mine eeven had surgery for a deviated septum-DID NOT help! Get the earplugs or seperate room at night my friend!!It's truly not your husbands fault!!Good luck!!!!

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    I FEEL your pain!

    Get him in to the doc/sleep center and be tested for sleep apnea. Especially if he is a big guy and sometimes it sounds like he stops breathing between snores. Classic signs of sleep apnea. If he does have sleep apnea he isn't getting good sleep.

    My husband now has a "breathing" machine that pushes oxygen down his airway to keep it open through the night. Now he has more energy and more awake during the day because he gets good sleep. It took him a couple of days to get used to wearing the mask but now he won't even take a nap without it because of the restful sleep it allows him to have.

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    It's important to have him do a sleep study not only because he can't seem to wake up on time or that you can't sleep because of the noise but if he has sleep apnea it is a terrible strain on his heart and blood pressure. You need him around for a long time for you and your children.

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