Here is some more details about my crush for my collegue?

We emailed professionaly all the times and then I saw hm at a company gathering , I don't know if he also likes me , he did flirt a lot with his eyses and words but then i talked to him about my marriage and kids and then he completely avoided me afterwards.

I am afraid I will have proffesional problems with him and about my husband I told him about it and we will get counsole but i can;t feel any love for my husband and i just think of that guy, maybe I want him to act friendly and understans that I am married and i cant di anything with my feelings to him.

he is being an *** he just not answer my professional emails to him and he put me in a bad situation in my work, what can i do?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You are in love with a fantasy. These things always are. Fantasies don't have mortgage payments, screaming kids, 20 minute dinners to get on the table, PTA meetings, flat tires, broken water heaters etc.

    You need to give yourself a slap and concentrate on what's important. We all have these issues to some extent. What you do about them reveals your true character.

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