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I've feeling weird lately and one of my breast is bigger than the other. Is this a sign of pregnancy?

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    stop taking the P*** out of people who have no idea about pregnancy and think that yahoo answers can help them work it out. Its not nice! although it is funny.

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    This can be a symptom of pregnancy, but usually further along. Your breasts will get bigger, and sometimes, one will get bigger faster than the other. Also, if you have one breast larger than the other already, sometimes pregnancy can exagerate it. This doesn't, however, mean that you are pregnant. If you have missed your period, and have other symptoms, take a test. This can be a sign. I wish you luck... Oh, and if you aren't pregnant, and this different is noticable, I would go to the doctor just to rule out threats of any kind.

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    Every woman has one bigger breast... it's normal. PMS will also cause swelling. Never assume anything is a sign of pregnancy unless it's a positive stripe on the pee test.

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    On the average woman, one breast is always larger than the other, usually a slight diff. Doesn't mean your preg!

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    It's normal.....Every woman has one bigger breast

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