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Now we have Leonardo Dicaprio preaching on global warming on this site. What do you think about that?

Here is a successful actor with the oversize house, cars, private jets, etc. He probably consumes more energy in one month than the average American does in a year. Reminds me of the fox in the hen house.

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    I think he should go somewhere cold and decide if it's really a problem

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    I think you don't know what the hell you are talking about.

    Leonardo dicaprio lives in an apartment, and a "GREEN" home. He does not own a private jet, and he drives HIMSELF in a prius. Get your facts straight.

    There was even a story recently about how, when he was invited to some charity event, they had to fly him out. If he had his own private jet, do you think that would be the case?

    Leo has given MILLIONS of dollars (and i'm sure, countless hours of his time where he could have been working and earning money instead) concentrating on doing something about this.

    Why not visit his website.

    It's not all about his movie career.

    He's a successful actor (yes, he is successful, even if some of you only know him for titanic) He was also in highly successful movies such as the aviator, catch me if you can, gangs of new york, romeo+juliet.. to name a few.

    He's doing more for the environment than YOU are.

    Oh, and.. btw.. diesel isn't anywhere near as bad as gasoline for global warming. Especially ultra low sulfur diesel. I drive a diesel car, and like darryl hannah, my car runs on bio-diesel.

    My car has 130 HP, 240 Tq, does 0-60 in ~7 seconds, has a top speed of 150mph, can tow 4000lbs (braked, 3000lbs unbraked), and gets 49 MILES PER GALLON.

    The fuel I put in my car, I can DRINK.

    Can you have a side of gasoline with your dinner?

    Didn't think so.

    To "aperson" .. It's all well in good that you replied to my posting, however, when I made the statements I made, I wasn't talking to YOU, I was talking to the guy who started this thread.

    Also, leo's prius doesn't pull it's electricity off the power grid. The power plant, as you call it, is his engine, and his braking system. You don't plug a prius in. (Although, there have been prius' modified to be plugged in, and they get "the equivelant" of 100MPG+) but, then again, I burn about 1 gallon of regular diesel for every 300-400 miles I drive, so, I get "the equivelant" of about 350MPG, where I am actually getting the aforementioned 49mpg

    Even if you did plug a prius, or insight in, electricity produced by a power plant (such as Con Edison, Florida Power & Light, etc...) is produced much more efficiently than the power that comes from straight gasoline consumption.

    If my property were large enough (it isn't) I would build a solar panel/wind farm to power my entire home & charge up a total electric vehicle (such as a tesla!) Total electric cars are a GREAT idea for the "small commute" people who work near their homes (say 20 miles) where biking wouldn't be practical.

    a few things thing people have to realize about the hybrids are

    1) Toyota and everyone else HIGHLY exaggerates the fuel efficiency of these vehicles. Real world prius numbers are ~42mpg

    2) The hybrids DO NOT RUN ON ELECTRICITY when they are, say, on the highway and doing 70mph.

    3) In a few years, everyone is going to see the backlash on these vehicles because of the fact that they'll have to be replacing VERY EXPENSIVE battery packs.

    Those BATTERIES are toxic, and will end up in landfills. I think of this as "deferred" pollution.

    4) With a few exceptions, these cars are VERY underpowered (i have driven a prius) however, I *would* buy a camry hybrid

    5) The toyota dealership in MY town price gouges on the hybrids. Where a prius hybrid is advertised as being in the 22,175 - 26,000 range (depending on options) the ones around here sell for OVER $30,000. They have an almost $5,000 "fee" on top of the sticker price.

    6) They still burn GASOLINE, not biodiesel, corn alchohol, CNG, LP, or other "superior" liquid fuels, albeit, at a lesser amount than similair cars.

    Source(s): scroll to the bottom and read that chart. Watch that video. Then listen to what the man says about what you should get in the way of a fuel efficient, green vehicle. (around 1:30)
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    So what's the issue?

    The more the merrier.

    We have an enept government that is in denial.

    In fact, there are a few here that are in denial.

    If you want to know how bad things could get, one only needs to look to Venus.

    It's not like we are on a ship or train...and we can get off at any time should we not like it. Once we screw up this planet, we are done for. If you don't have any kids to worry about the future, I can understand why there are want-a-be scientists that think there is no such thing as global warming.

    I could care less whether humans have created the warming cycle or mother nature is in the process of mass

    The fact is...that we can do something about it....and we should if we really care about man's future.

    If there is anybody on this board that feels that there no global warming issue, it's your perogative. But don't sign that death warrant on my family because then it gets personal. Go take a vacation trip to venus. You can tell us all about it when you get back.

    If movie stars want to spread the word about global warming, I'm with them. I'm with anybody that continues to scream into the ears of our enept government. They at least have a voice and every one is listening.

    It's something that is lacking in our government. And of course...there are always a few idiots around that can't see past their nose. So what else is new?

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    I hardly call Mr. Dicaprio's statement here "preaching." Preaching is what the rest of Hollywood is doing by blaiming President Bush and our current administration for everything from Global Warming to excessive belly button lint. The Michael Moores, Rosie O'Donnells, and the George Clooneys are pitiful excuses for Americans. At least Mr. Dicaprio is using his fame in a positive way. Besides, what are you? His private accountant? What do you know of the man's assets? Go back and read the question. Or at least find someone who can read to do it for you.

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    Anybody that does not have a scientific background and preaches about global warming is spreading bias only. It does an unjust diservice to their cause. Most of the hype is unsubstantiated crap and it detracts from the real problems with the environment.

    It also helps put a strangle hold on science. Much of the funding for scientific research is now directed at topics tailored by environmentalist propaganda, mostly due to fanatics and wealthy uneducated folks. So that includes most movie stars.

    Look at the answers to his question. Many people think that by reusing glass jars and turning the lights off when they leave the room they do their part to correct global warming. It's insane and these ideas can only come from propaganda using global warming as a scare tactic to fear people into being environmentally less harmful.

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    Why do people feel the need to assume the worst about others? I understand he lives in an eco-friendly way, serves on the Board of Directors for an environmental organization, and spends his time volunteering for a cause he believes in. I think it's a good thing that stars who have the attention of the public choose to use it for good and not for shallow or damaging purposes. No, he's not a scientist, but you don't have to be a scientist to learn from science, or a sociologist to learn about genocide, etc., in order to try to make a positive difference. Perhaps it's easier for us to choose to believe one scientist who says the cycles are normal and not a trend toward global change because we can consume and consume and ruin the planet for future generations and be blissfully happy that way. It's harder to believe the many scientists who have measured the effects of our recklessness in the context of historical trends and are alarmed, because it would be uncomfortable. Each of us needs to do a small part, whatever we can with our life circumstances, and remember to think of others and future generations instead of "me, me, me". That might help.

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    Actually from what I hear he doesn't fly on private jets. And I think he has a hybrid car.

    Money-wise he's probably making more of an impact but your average person can't do that.

    Probably in terms of "elbow grease" he puts in, it's probably the equivalent of a family making sure they recycle and turn down the thermostat, but no more than that.

    But that is just a guess, of course.

    I think Ed Begley Jr (sp?) sounds like a guy who is doing a lot, but I'm not sure about that, either (just lack of knowledge, not suspicion).

    I guess to sum it up about Leo, here we have a guy with all the money he'll ever need in his life and therefore all the time in the world.

    But what percentage of all his free time (essentially all of his time) does he spend on the environment?

    If he can't spend a substantial amt of time, he can't expect the average person to either (although he did ask about simple solutions).

    I don't think he's minimizing his footprint. More like he's minimizing the damage his footprint does...

    Source(s): I think flying on commercial flights is a step in the right direction, but there are probably too many commercial flights anyway, so to hop on a plane on a whim is contributing to the problem. BTW, A N. I acknowledge Leo is doing a lot of things, but I am saying that he has the *luxury* to do so. I certainly wouldn't want to discourage him from his effort, but you can't compare what he does to the avg person unless you adjust for income and free time. thx for the info, ATN, I knew you weren't addressing me specifically. Thx for the reminder about hybrids as well. I do know how they work (I first heard about them over 10 yrs ago), I just wasn't paying attention when I typed this and confused it with a pure electric car. And I did read a few days ago that both VW and DaimlerChrysler are making greener diesel cars. My suggestion for Leo's q was to not buy stuff from China due to transportation of goods and possibly less regulated manufacturing processes.
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    As much as everyone is dissing Dicaprio for starting to talk about climate change on here I see your point but your not looking at the big picture here. Here is a guy who gets media coverage and is trying to use it here to bring a serious environmental issue to light. He is using his media time and influnce to get a larger audience interested in the issues of climate change. Sure here probably isn't a scientist or anything like that but he has probably studied up on climate change just like you and me the only difference between all of us is that he is in the media. Its just a fact the more people that bring the light to issue the more people will talk about it and the issue will get addressed.

    Some of you say hes preachy, I say he is just getting the ball rolling so that more people will be interested in climate change.

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    Ummm, he actually drives a Toyota Prius and has built an environmentally friendly house affixed with thermal heating and solar power. He actually acts on what he says and anyways he wasn't preaching her is asking, hence the question mark.

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    But, do you know for sure how he spends his life or do you believe everything the media tells You?

    And darnit someone needs to preach about the issue, loud and strong!

    I don't care, I will be dead and gone but you folks out there making babies better get on the caring band wagon and soon.

    Fossil fuels run out and Acid rain is nasty for everything.

    Source(s): Acid Rain in Kosovo, coal fire power plants
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    WOW, i thought i was the only one that was thinking enough already. If you really study up on the earths changing climate you will understand that it goes though changes. You can look this up, the earth has gone though this type of climate change before. Yes, i agree that we a polluting it way more then we should but, i don't think that we are all going to fry in the next 100 years.

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