Do all Faiths believe in some sort of Karma?

Good people will be rewarded, Bad people will be punished....

Is this a basic rule of religions? If so, why?

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    I don't believe that there is ANY punishment or reward.

    There are only consequences, natural ones; they are part of the pattern of the natural world These consequences have nothing to do with "sinning", or "virtuous acts" they have to do with intelligent or unintelligent choices.

    The most wonderful thing that we have been given is this. That we can work *with* the pattern of the natural world, and reap the benefits, or work against it, and have a tough time, WITHOUT judgment on the part of the God and Goddess about which choice you make.

    If you plant your seeds in bad soil or at the wrong season they will not flourish. That's the kind of consequence I'm talking about.

    If you lie, then you know yourself to be a liar, and your word will carry no power.

    If you steal, your actions are saying that you don't believe in abundance, and your belief in lack will manifest in your life.

    And so on.

    The Three-fold law is not about a Deity sitting in judgment on you, and it's not woo-woo silliness. It's about natural consequences. It works like this:

    You're caught in a lie. The people who know you lied are likely to disbelieve you until your have proven yourself to be generally truthful - and that will probably take three times of being honest. This isn't because of some cosmic thing, it's because of the way that the mind works. When studying, for example, it's been shown that you'll commit something to memory best when you involve three senses in the learning of it - for example, hearing it read, writing it down, and reading it to yourself.

    And in any case, the Three-fold Law only applies to actions done with intent. It's not to be taken as meaning that if you drop something belonging to someone else and it breaks, that three things of yours will be dropped and broken by someone else.

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    I was just thinking this last night!

    Eastern Karma - what goes around comes around.

    Wiccans - what ever you do will come back to you 3 fold.

    Christians - do unto others as you would have others do to you.

    They do all sound strikingly similar don't they?

    Oh, why do so many different faiths share this same idea? I expect it's one of those universally true principles that lots of different people have figured out.

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    have u herd of the butterfly effect like say if u was at home and ur friend came to pick u up and when u leave u get into a car crash,u die)but say if u said no and u didn't want 2 go he leaves and he dies but u still alive see the universe works in mysterious ways so yes i believe in karma and god made and design everything for a reason just like everything happends for a reason

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    Yes, because everyone will be brought to true justice. The purpose of our lives is to believe and obey one God (Allah). Those who do not will be punished and those who do will be rewarded. That makes fair sense to me.

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    I believe so, yes. That is how all of society has been taught for generations and gererations.

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