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Where should I go?

I'm 23 and planning to go abroad for six months for life experience and such. What are good places to go from your experience. (I am from the UK)


Thanks for the useful input Khatra z

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    1 decade ago
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    Whats type experience would you like? Being from the UK I assume you've had a complete European experience (ie: Amsterdam, Paris, Italy, etc...)

    Personally if I were in your shoes, I'd go somewhere in Asia, maybe Tokyo, Japan, they are going to be the next world super power.

    Also I'd consider Africa, I don't know much about it so I'm not sure how it could impact you. (I do know that the British have a historical influence of Africa so it may not have very much impact).

    If you going to choose America, I can be allot more helpful (I'm from the U.S.)

    There is Always the city of lights, New York City. Metropolitan, Busy, crowed, never sleeps, a city like no other.

    There's fabulous Las Angelas California, with Hollywood, beautiful people and bad air quality.

    There Texas, (Houston, Dallas, Austin) All three cities are completely different, I research before I choose one. Austin has a college/party feel to it, Dallas is the more metropolitan and work oriented, and Houston is an example of Urban sprawl.

    And the one of a kind New Orleans, LA the city speaks for itself. If it ain't in New Oreleans it don't exist. (Katrina has damaged the city BUT I have been recently, it's up and running. Most of the damage is in parts of the city tourist don't go).

    Of course there is Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, each city has a different feel.

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    Try traveling. I know the UK is great but try somewhere that doesn't have a starbucks to really get life experience. Or maybe taking a six month train ride/bus ride all around Europe. If it is life experience you want though I would suggest going somewhere that doesn't have a starbucks. I've been to Russia/UK/France/Netherlands/Latvia and more and would have to say that places like Latvia and Russia had the best people and experiences for me. I loved it. And to get the best experience...EMERSE yourself in the culture!!! I am serious...don't go somewhere and eat at McDonalds or something. When I was in Russia I ate caviar and when I was in England I at lamb and had tea with milk(which is amazing) and custard and chip butties so just try their culture and not hold on to your own. Have fun!

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    Would you like to experience a totally different way of living? Perphaps Singapore, Austrailia, Greece, etc. Maybe working on a ship. Or a missions trip. Sounds like a wonderful chance of a lifetime. Be safe & enjoy yourself.

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    I would say not Odessa, TX, because it is a desert here, nothing to do, except hockey in the winter, and high school football. :)

    I know you'll find something grand to do, though!

    Sorry I'm not more helpful, a bit distracted with some issues.

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  • 1 decade ago

    it depends on what kind of a person you are. I enjoyed going to Paris, but I am from the US. I don't know why... but I think that you would like somewhere in the tropics.

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    Bosnia,Egypt,Tahiti,Hawai,Australia,New Zealand,Croatia and Serbia!!!

    Source(s): Bosnia,Croatia and Serbia are great I there!
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    i will go to Tokyo Japan

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    1 decade ago

    i dont know sorry

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