are whites superior to other races, give examples?

im not white but am curious. they had alot of power over blacks as u know and colonies in many areas. what examples are there to say whites are not superior genetically?

im not interested in answers like god made everyone equal, i prefer a more historical answer or factual answer

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    in certain environments which they are suited for yes but in other environments blacks are superior to whites.

    You see blacks are more suited to a hotter climate because of the color of thier skin, they are not as affected by the sun.

    Whites on the other hand are more suited to colder environments because of thier skin.

    However as we are now the masters of evolution and not its subjects like we used to be, we control our own path and with the use of tools like heaters and air-conditioners it is really irrelevant in today's society. There really is no difference at this point.

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    Look at the history of Africa; it includes many african tribes murdering, raping, and destroying their own people. This is something that is still seen in the world today regardless of religious belief. Of course this does not apply to ALL "blacks" but by looking at historical accounts I am convinced that the majority of the "nations" of Africa were never compareable to those of the European "whites".

    No this does not in anyway mean that the whites have certain "genes" which make them superior, it just means that the "whites", as in the whites of the "western world" have had the opportunity to advance further than the African tribes throughout history. This advancement has been due to various events; the golden age of Greece, the expansion of the Roman Empire, the rise of Christianity, the crusades (there were SOME positive things).....the renaissance..etc.

    But I do believe all men and women are created, in the image of God, equal before God.

    There are simply cultural differences which means there are also differences in mentalities between the "two races".

    Source(s): I am in no way a racist :).
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    No, whites are not supreme, nobody is. Here's a website that talks about the very small difference in DNA between different races.

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