I deleted some important stuff and i need help to now what that stuff is so my computer would work!?

i cant view my myspace profile or anybody elses.it started on sunday when this little yellow sign popped up in the right corner of my computer.it said "run chk dsk" to i did.but also with the little yellow sign had a path to a file so i followed that first.in that folder there were a bunch of myspace txt. documents almost like they were pages of the profiles.so i deleted all of them and did the chk dsk utility.when i restarted the computer it had t check it again before it could complete turning on.so when it was done i went back to what i was doing i clickded to c my profile but it didnt finish loading, almost like it was disconnect.it acted like it was disconnected but i was still connected cause i was still talking on messenger and when the page web page didnt say "check your connection" so i know it had something to do with deleting the txt. documents but i cant retrieve those txt. document cause my recyleing bin is messed up for a while since May so i dont know how i can fix my computer so i can view my freinds profile or what those documents were.



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    first off, deleting some text documents will not affect your ability to get on the internet or view myspace. what this sounds like is a virus. a trojan disguising itself as a check desk utility. I would run your antivirus software. especially if your recycling bin isn't working properly - that should be your first clue because that is part of your system. if after you get rid of the virus, your pc is still acting up, try rolling back your system or reformatting. good luck!

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    I dont think deleting some .txt files will cause a system error or loos of internet. It is most probably something else. Your disk check thing looks suspicious.I wouldnt trust it again. For now all you can do is do a system restore to like an earlier date and see if that works. I dont think it will bring back the .txt files but if you lost something important it might come back. It is worth a shot you have nothing to lose. If not then just reformat your computer that should solve any and all problems. make sure you backup all ur documents.

  • when it said check your connection did you refresh your page. I get that alot with the new explorer and 8 out of 10 times when I refresh it will show up. I would say all it needs to do is reset your cookies.

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    Have you tried a system restore point? That should fix your problem.

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  • You deleted something really important you will need to restore your whole computer

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