Speed of light limit paradox?

the speed of light is the limit of speed that one can travel at in the universe. However, if you could travel at the speed of light and time could stop, wouldn't you be traveling at infinite speed.

if velocity=dx/dt and dt=0, then V is infinity. Am just incorrectly applying different definitions of velocity that are not really comparable?


I know it is not possible to travel at the speed of light, its jut a hypothetical question.

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    No, it's not that.

    First, you'd expand to the size of universe. Movement in such a situation would obviously be difficicult.

    Also, your mass would be infinite... which would cause you problems with the universe again.

    But, to answer your question, you would, in theory, still perceive time. It's outside observers that would see that time doesn't flow in you.

    Anyways, it's all complicated stuff. Take up Modern physics or Relativity at college to know more.

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    Firstly, mass can't travel at the speed of light but energy can.

    Secondly, it is the speed of light that defines the dimentions of space and time. For this reason the equation you state for velocity isn't the whole picture. You have stated the equation in classical mechanics - with no relativistic effects included.

    You need a useable relativistic 'metric' to be able to substitute dx and dt.

    Do a wikipedia search on what a metric is.

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    firstly its not possible to travel at or even around the speed of light because by E= mc2 all the energy will be converted into mass making it impossible to travel. u should try reading stephen hawkings- a brief history of time, it gives detailed explanation of all this in simple language

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    Your not seeing what the Speed of Light represents...

    E=MC2 is telling us that Matter and Energy are interchangable, diffirent aspects of the same thing!

    So the speed of light is where this interaction occurs between matter and energy.

    Theres a reason why the 4th dimension is called 'Time/Space' because they are the same. Our perspective of movement and time duration are illusions that create our experiences but its not what we think it is.

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  • Gene
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    1 decade ago

    Nothing material can travel at the speed of light so why waste time even thinking about it.

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    according to the formula:


    when an object travels at the speed of light, its mass will be zero(dont ask me to explain that).

    In the lab, using particle accelerators, scientists have managed to accelerate particles to within a few decimels short of the speed of light but not equal to it...YET.

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