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I'm trying to put together a menu for a pre-Christmas dinner?

My sister won't be home for Christmas so I'm making a dinner for my family on the 21st. I don't feel like doing all the cooking I did at Thanksgiving. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    This is what we do in my family my sister makes the meat and one side then everyone else brings a side and we do it buffet style. It works well for us and then she isn't in the kitchen all day!

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    Since everyone will be having the big dinner just days after your gathering, why don't you just serve some good hearty appetizers? You can usually make the dips ahead of time and then, for a special touch you could do boiled shrimp or something else that's not "Christmas-y". That's what we do on Christmas Eve and we LOVE it! Here's our standard menu (though something always varies from year to year--except for the shrimp):

    spinach dip

    cheeses and crackers

    summer sausage

    cheese dip and chips




    bacon cheddar dip and chips----YUM-O

    Sweets (that we have received as gifts and what-not)

    That's two meats and several side dishes and it will fill everyone up just like a regular meal would. You could also do the shrimp your self (since you are the host) and ask each person to bring an appetizer to save you some time (and money).

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    You could do a crockpot of soup. We're making chili for Christmas eve and having a cheese ball (into which you could dip crackers or Fritos). Also you could add nachos and salsa. The soup and cheese ball could be made the day before and heated. You could ask guests to bring their favorite desserts. Good luck.

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    There are some easy ideas here :

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