baby is 6 months and groans away all day and night as if hes making a b.m?

what do I do in this case and he has been uncomcortable for a week already.....actually he has had b.m since but he keeps on making those groaning noises and with so much pain.

How do I alleviate it??

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    i wouldn't use any chemical laxatives or enemas unless a pediatrian tells you to; try feeding a jar of prunes or mixing prune juice with water. i would also check the content of the formula in mixing water with it; constipation can be caused by too much formula with not enough water mixed in.

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    How long has he been this way? My son was constipated when he was about four months old. He seemed as if he was in pain. The Dr's said to give him juice, Karo syrup in his bottles and enemas. he was so uncomfortable. The enemas would clean him out and it would start all over again in about a week. You shouldn't have to clean a baby out week after week. The Dr's put him on Miralax which is s gentle laxative that you can add to any drink. I had him referred to a GI Dr and from there to surgeon. My son was diagnosed with Hirschsprungs disease. I probably spelled it wrong. But he didn't pass his mechonium in the hospital. If it keeps on I would go see a GI dr and have him checked out. Good luck to you. You can Email me if you want.

    I hope your baby feels well soon.

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    It might be gas bubbles. We know how painful they can be. Newborns get gas from the air bubbles in their bottles. Every pharmacy sells a gas reliever called mylethicone, or something spelled somewhat like that. Ask a pharmacist for the baby gas reliever it's a sweet tasting liquid that you put in their milk or water bottle and it'll get them pootin' away!! Good luck.

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    Have you started him on solids yet? If you have him on cereal you can add some strained peaches or apples to it. That would help. Also diluted apple juice, but I think the best thing would be to call the Pediatrician and ask them. Good Luck!

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  • jc2006
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    Are you sure its constipation? It might be teeth. Give him some orajel, wait a couple of minutes and see if he stops groaning.

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    If your baby's on the bottle, you could give him just a tiny amount of corn syrup mixed with water. If you give him to much, he will really get the poops.

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    if the baby is constipated try prune juice, dilute it with a little water, it doesnt take very much, and water works too.

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    Eat prunes!!

  • 1 decade ago

    fleet makes a very gentle baby enema

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