what is the step by step procedure to put ten songs into a folder?

I have 10 Benny Goodman songs that I would like to put into a folder, I am doing something wrong and can't get it

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    1 decade ago
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    Open Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) and navigate to where you want the new folder.

    Right click and select "New" then "Folder." This will create your new folder (go figure, right?).

    Type Benny Goodman into the box and hit Enter.

    Navigate to the songs you want to put in the folder. Hold down the "ctrl" key and click once on each song with the ctrl key continually pressed. This will highlight the songs.

    When all the songs you want are highlighted, keep the ctrl key pressed and press the "X" key. This prepares the songs to be removed from this location.

    Navigate back to the Benny Goodman folder and double click on it. This will open the folder.

    Press the ctrl key and the "V" key. This will remove the songs from their former location and paste them into your new folder.

    Please let me know if this doesn't work.

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    I have no idea what you are talking about. You have the songs, where do you have them? What format do you have them? Where is the folder that you want to put the songs in?

    Anyway, I assume you really are a beginner, and you have the songs in different folders, and want to put the songs in a new folder that has been already created.

    Select each of the songs, then press [Ctrl]+[C] (on your keyboard), go to the distenation folder, and press [Ctrl]+[V] (Also on your keyboard).

    Repeat this for all the songs you want.

    Now, I will continue assuming that this is your first time ever using a PC, then I'll have to tell you that to press [Ctrl]+[C] means that you press the [Ctrl] button on your keyboard (and hold it down), press on the [C] button on your keyboard (just one click, all the way down, then release), then release the [Ctrl] button.

    The "something wrong" you've been doing is either you drag the file into the destination folder (which will either copy, paste, or create a shortcut, depending on the source and the destination folders' locations), or you are using the "Copy" and "Paste" options (either from the "Edit" menu, or the right-click menue), and (by mistake) selecting the "Paste Shortcut" instead of "Paste"!!!!!

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    open the folder you want the songs in, and open the folder (or folders) that has the ten songs in it. Then click and HOLD on one song at a time, drag it over to your new folder, and drop it there.

    Also known as drag and drop. There are other ways, but that is the simplest to explain.

  • Yoi_55
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    1 decade ago

    If you want to MOVE them there and not just COPY them, do this:

    Select one of the files then hold CTRL and select the other 9 files. Press CTRL+X to CUT them and then open the other folder and press CTRL+V to PASTE them there. That will move the files to that folder.

    If you want to COPY them, use CTRL+C instead of CTRL+X

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  • 1 decade ago

    the above answers are correct but make sure you're not playing any of the songs while moving them; it won't work

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