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Rookie of the year?

In my eyes right now the top 5 rookies (in order) are:

1. Maurice Jones Drew (he's got 12 td's, 4 more than any other rookie..AND HE'S DOING IT WHILE SPLITTING TIME WITH TAYLOR!)

2. Vince Young (anyone that can lead the titans to any victories at all deserves a shot)

3. Marquees Coltson (he missed 2 games and he still has 700+ yards recieving and like 7 td's)

4. Reggie Bush (enough said)

5. Devin Hester (die hard bears fan, but still....what he's doing is pretty amazing...)

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    I'd probably flip your first and second choices, but I agree with the others.

    The reason I'd give it to Young over Jones-Drew is that Young has turned around the Titans almost single-handedly. He's a gamebreaking QB, with might be the most valuable commodity in the game, and teams have to alter their game plans just to contain him. Take him away, and the Titans likely fall apart. Jones-Drew is great, but I don't think he's as valuable to the Jags as Young is to the Titans. If Jones-Drew were hurt, I think they'd do just fine with Taylor and Pearman.

    I could never give it to Devin Hester, just because he doesn't make a contribution on a regular basis like the others. It would be like giving the Cy Young Award to a relief pitcher, which I despise.

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    i was about to agree with you then i had an epiphany. ok the titans are the only team not going to the playoffs of all the players considered. NO has colston and bush, along with brees and mcalister and a bunch of oher names. j'ville has drew and taylor and garrard and good team. hester is on the bears, nuff said. ok now the titans. the titans have vince young and...

    My idea of the rookie of the year is a person who not just makes the league better but his team better. Would the Saints be better without Bush and Colston. Maybe/maybe not. Would the Bears be better without Hester? Yes. Would the Jags be better without Jones-Drew? They still have Taylor and good Qbs. Would the Titans have won their last 4 games against Vince? Would they be better? Nope. He is the reason why this team has an upside next year.

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    I gotta go with Devin Hester. Yeah he's a kick returner but good lord what a kick returner. He's had the most effect with 6 count em 6 TD returns and breaking or tying 2 nfl records (longest play, most TD returns in a season) as a rookie

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    Definitly Hester!!! He has set a new record with 6 TD's and he has 3 regular season games along with at least one playoff game to go. With the Bears "D" he will likely get a lot of chances to return punts against TB, Detroit and GB! If he tacks on a couple more, it would be hard not to give it to the rookie!

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    I wouldn't put Bush at 4 because I think he is going by name. I wouldn't put Hester on the list because he is going as a returner NOT a Defenseman, which is where he plays. Now if you gave it to a returner or a Special Teams Rookie of the Year then yeah Hester deserves a chance.

  • Devin Hester because he's allready tied an NFL record. 5 touchdown returns and that hasn't been done in 20 some years.

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    I would say young. The QB is arguable the most important position on the football field. He has very little talent around him. He is a leader who inspire confidence in others and looks like a person who knows he is a winner. He has saved Jeff Fishers job also. It will be very close though as he will not be taking his team to the playoffs. This year anyway.

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    i think when it's all said and done that vince young will win the rookie of the year award simply because he's doing an amazing job with little to no support on that team at all enough said

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    Klay Thompson,going to be scoring 20 factors 5 rebounds 5 assists a sport.purely watch yet in case you needed me to %. between Irving or Williams i'd %. Williams because he will an elite participant on the three spot.

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    Vince Young. See my nickname?? Nuff said there. I got to see him up close and personal throughout his college career. The Titans landed the best. The Texans messed up royally!!

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