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I played EQ2 when it first came out (in fact, it is where I met the lovely lady who has become my wife and is the mother of our twin boys). Back then combat was "closed" - meaning that if I pulled a critter, no one could interfere in the combat; either by hurting the critter or by healing me. My question is...has this pathetic "feature" been removed from EQ2?

Second question, how has the game improved over the course of the past year? I know there are a couple expansions...anything exceptionally noteworthy in them aside from the Fae race? Currently I play WoW, but am looking to take a little break from it to avoid burnout.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1) the locked target has been removed and others can do dmg to mob but not get any xp off it .. no KS as used to happen.

    2)Most expansions as you know have been mainly zone adds as well as race. For those who are totally immersed in game and are max lvl it means more new content. Also new loot. There is always improvements to game.

    Many lives have become intertwined with mmo's esp EQ =)

    To avoid "burnout"; have ya tried Guild Wars? At least that is free to play and offers good content and storyline.

    Gawd I hate having to pay to play =P But also bein an EQ junkie but yet maintaining a life still drawn to it.

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