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Dreams !!!!!?

i had a dream last night and i want to no if it means ne thing the main things that were in it was me falling, a fire, jumping, snow and a hyme can any one tel me what this means

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    falling = losing control

    jumping = need attention

    snow = looking for perfection

    Hyme = not sure what it is

    You probably have some issues about self control. You may be looking for some support, respect and attention in life. Your dream is not in detail, therefore the answer is also brief

    Source(s): God's given insight in dreams
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    Falling is showing a lack of confidence in your own ability. You may fear a lack of security in reality or the dreamworld.

    Fire can represent a desire or a passion in a positive sense. In a negative way frustration, anger, resentment, and destructiveness. It can also be cleansing or prurification.

    Jumping you may need to reconsider your actions. Or express youself in another way. Jumping Up attempting to obtain something better for yourself. Jumping Down can mean going down into the unconcious or danger zone. Jumping on Spot indicates joy.

    Snow can mean many things. A frozen idea or heart. It can suggest "Emotional Coldness" or "Frigidity". It can also represent drugs.


    If you need further details in the meanings of you dreams email me at I have been studying my dreams and others.

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