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who do you look up to and why.?

who do you think is in your life that gives you inspiration and makes you want to be like them.

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    My dad. In 2001 when Enron went down, my dad lost his job. He went from making close to 100k a year to less than 1k. He started doing what he loved, making violins. Even though hes had some pretty tough years, he is still at it and never went to find another desk job. His philosophy about work is, you need to do something that exercises three things, your mind, your hands, and your heart. His does all three and I don't think he has ever been happier.

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    everyone that comes into my life gives me inspiration... my family gives me my life and happiness. my dad gives me my courage, my mum is my day and night, who i look up to is everyone.. lol ecept them drop ins lmao!!! no i am joking.

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