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What is it like to be stationed in Hawaii?

Is it any different then being stationed anywhere else? Seems like it'd be a great place to be.

What I'm really asking is...I adopt solders thru a website and have always had soldiers in Iraq. These people usually don't get any letters or packages from home so it's always been a privilege to send them stuff. Well, my new soldier is in Hawaii. I'm wondering if it's really tough there and what I would send. Seems like they'd have access to whatever they want unlike Iraq. What do you think?

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    Hawaii is a beautiful state. I was stationed there with my father and he retired there. My husband is from Maui and we will be moving there for good if he doesn't redeploy one more time next year. Hawaii has tons of stores, a few malls, plenty of food and all that. I've never heard of adopting a soldier that wasn't deployed somewhere. He really shouldn't need anything. It is expensive there, but he has a place to stay and meals provided. Unless he deploys someplace, then i would forgo the care package.

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    Good question which could be answered in two ways. I grew up in a military family and we spent two Christmases on the island of Guam. Never gets cold there and air conditioners are running every day of the year. In fact I can think back and nowhere on the he island do I remember a house with a chimney.

    But, if these soldiers are single and even though they are surrounded on the base with their fellow soldiers; but they probably really miss their family. Home cooking and that big dinner on Christmas will also probably be missed.

    The other probably has to do with weather and climate. The temperature on the islands doesn't really change and you don't have to wear a heavy coat so the soldier might be homesick for some good ole cold weather.

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    Hello, we will be stationed in Hawaii within the next year but we haven't been there yet. Here's the deal on Hawaii: They deploy a lot! Parts of 25th ID are currently stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. If they are deployed, then they are subject to the same stresses as any other soldier who you have supported in the past and could really use your support.

    If they are stateside, then they have a highly sought after assignment that most soldiers want, at America's top vacation destination. The biggest problem for soldiers stationed in Hawaii, from what I understand, is the ridiculous cost of living. But the military gives extra pay as a cost of living adjustment to help offset this expense. (Send scuba gear, suntan lotion, and pina colada mix, LOL)

    Bless you for your support to our troops!

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    My husband was stationed there for seven years (we weren't together then) and he said it was awesome and that if he ever got the chance we would all go back in a second. I've been there on vacation for a month and it was gorgeous, lots of sights to see and places to go. All I could think of for a soldier, is that he doesn't have family of friends there. Maybe just some homemade cookies or something.

    You are doing a great thing by supporting our troops. Thank You!

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    Hawaii is well developed for an island state. Has malls, and lots to do. Walmart, Kmart, Sam's Club, Costco. Bars don't close till 4 a.m.

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    Cost of living is high in Hawaii. I guess just send him cash.

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    Expensive, humid and LOTS of bugs

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    Real expensive, but nice. Oahu is overflowing and crowded.

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