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can i travel from canada to the bahamas if i have a criminal record.?

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    Completely. As long as you have a passport, you can go anywhere down south. I read an article about Carla Homolka and how she was a murderer, but could still travel to Cuba if she wanted to. So, if a convicted murderer can go, you have nothing to worry about.

    Also, I myself got in a little trouble in my youth and I also have a record. I have been to Germany and Cuba since and have not had any problems getting in or out.

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    I am in Canda as well and wass wondering the same thing and the answer i got was "yes". There is no problem if you travel the only problem there could be is getting back in to Canada for some reason our border is harder to cross than the states border. My fiancee also has a criminal record but he can still get a passport. If youre criminal record is more than 7 years old you can get a pardon and have no trouble at all. I hope this helps caus we are fighting the same battle right now.

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    that's right this moment off the U.S. Passport internet site. Q: Do i % a passport for holiday to Mexico, Canada or the Bahamas? A: No. yet you would be able to desire to have a delivery certificates or different evidence of U.S. citizenship and correct id. walk to the airport with your id and purchase the value tag plus flow away that day. i've got not got faith you are the undesirable ones, that are presently on the no fly record...To the wonderful of my know-how, in case you presently have a valid passport, you're ok.once you're on probation, you could no longer flow away your state, with no letter out of your probation officer, no longer to point flow to a different u . s . a .! in specific circumstances you're fortunate in case you could flow away your very own county. sometime this is excellent to maintain your mouth close...was hoping I help...Take Care

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