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post and hinged snap back earrings?

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    I have a few pairs of earrings with a post and hing and I really like them a lot. They feel a lot more secure and I feel better when I hear that little "snap". I've lost so many earrings because regular backing fall off. Especially since I'm lazy and don't take my earrings off when I sleep, I appreciate these types of backing.

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    Your statement is really unclear as a question. However it seems that you are asking for a comparison between the two.

    If you don't have pierced ears, you do take the small risk of keloids, infections. You have to keep the holes clean and be sure to get pure/real silver or gold post.

    With snap back earrings, you don't have to worry bout none of that.

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    If you are asking which one I prefer, then I'd say post back earrings.

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    what is your question?

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