What do you clean your laminate flooring with?

I have been cleaning my laminate flooring with some cleaner just for laminate flooring and my floor keeps looking duller and duller with each cleaning. It is a new floor and I want it to look great not dull and old looking. Any suggestions?

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    Just a little Vinegar and Water

    I recently had a Shaw laminate floor installed in my kitchen. I called their customer service representative to ask the best way to clean their flooring. She told me to use 1/4 cup of vinegar and put it in a 30 to 32 ounce empty spray bottle filled with plain water. I purchased a terry mop cover that has elastic all around it from Home Depot, which I dampen with water and place on a Swiffer dry mop head. I then spray the floor (a small area at a time) with the vinegar/water solution and then wipe it up with the damp terry mop. It does a good job. There is no streaking, and you are using very little water on the floor. One company has come out with wet cloths to attach to Swiffer mops that contain vinegar and water, which I also plan to purchase and try.

    Make Cleaner at Home

    To make laminate floor cleaner, mix 1/3 white vinegar, 1/3 rubbing alcohol, 1/3 water, and 3 drops dishwashing liquid for a quart total. For best results, wipe off quickly.

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    The best cleaner that we have found is Bona Laminate (or wood) cleaner. This is designed to clean the floor and keep it looking good. Many professional house cleaners purchase this in large quantities from us. Many people have home remedies, however they can damage the floor or make it harder to clean later. For example: vinegar will appear to be clean, however it will leave a residue on the edges of the areas that are wiped, thus residue can build up and make floor not clean as easy in the future.

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    I know the feeling! Everything you do makes them look worse : ( .

    Here is what I did; Take a long cup/glass and fill with about half a cup of baking soda, and fill the rest of the cup/glass with white vinegar and let it fizz over : D take a wash cloth and scrub. Repeat until you have the entire floor done. After that, simply you a wet towel to wipe up the baking soda residue off the floor. Hope it helped.


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