Should we transition our daughter to a toddler or big girl bed?

What are the benefits of a toddler bed compared to a regular bed? I heard that they are a waste of money. We have a twin bed in our spare bedroom right now that we can eventually transition our daughter to. Which type of bed do you prefer and why?


She's only 10 months now and loves her crib. I'm just asking because her new brother or sister will be born when she is about 17 months and I was just wondering which one we should use.

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    I think the toddler bed is a parents choice. I personally think they are a waste of money as well. I say if you think it is too high don't use the frame or box springs for a while. Just lay the mattress on the floor. I never used a toddler bed with my son. Once you change to the toddler bed you have to train your child to STAY in bed. If you change to another bed, you have to train them all over again. Why not just do it all at once? I mean for some people it can take up to a month to get a child to stay in bed and fall asleep on their own. It took us just about 2 weeks with my son.

    I suggest getting a toddler bed and using bed rails. They are VERY cheap compared to buying a new bed. I provided some links below. This way when you are comfortable that your child will not roll out of bed you can take them off and they have a normal bed. I suggest, just in case, lay some thick blankets on the floor for a week or two for protection.

    Another great thing about toddler bed, there is SO much more bedding. Your child can pick from thousands of bedding. They may decide they dont want cartoons or superheros, which is most toddler bed bedding. It will make transitioning so much more fun for the child if they get to pick their new blankets and sheets. In your case this also frees up the crib for new baby. A toddler bed means you have to buy a new crib mattress (they are used in toddler beds as well).

    Just as a personal note. I would wait to transition the baby when she is able to walk really well. Otherwise you will have to train her right now to stay in bed and again once she has mastered walking freely.

    Good luck and congrats.

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    Personally, I think toddler beds are just a way of making parents spend more money on a useless product. My daughter went straight from a crib to a twin bed (with rail) at about 18 months if not earlier. After about 2 months, the rail came off. She has fallen out of the bed more in the past 2 weeks (3 times) than she did the 2 months after the rails came off. Something that may help with the transition is to let her pick out "special big girl" sheets for her bed if they aren't too expensive.

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    I have five kids I think I'm the only person her who may say this, but the toddler bed is good. You just have to buy a frame for it. The twin bed, even with the safety rail is bad. They jump over them and have a bad fall. You can reuse the frame for all you other kids to come. Little children have a need to get out and off of things. The toddler bed is close to the floor, cute, uses all cribs sheets and matresses, and that is great for potty training. After that they go right to the big bed, with big sheets and blankets, that you hopefully won't have to wash everyday. GOOD LUCK!

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    When she can climb out of her crib is the best time to get her into a toddler bed. You'll be reducing the chances of her falling, or getting hurt. If she can climb out, there's no need for a crib. I think toddler beds are a waste of money. Just put the mattress on the floor, if she rolls out, she won't have far to go to the floor. It also helped to train my kids how to stop at the edge, with no apparent harm. Save a few bucks, and skip the tot bed.

    Most kids start climbing out around 2.

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    My friend has the same different in age between her son and daughter.

    The son stayed in the crib until the baby came and was out of the bassenet, and he moved into a twin bed with a side rail.

    You can buy those rails for nothing at walmart.

    All us kids in our family went straight into twin beds at 12 months.

    I wouldnt bother with a toddler bed. Theyre a waste.

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    We put our son in just a twin sized bed at about 20 months and he did fine. We put it up against the wall and put a guard on the other side. This way we don't have to spend money on a toddler bed. They are a big waste of money and most of the time made very poorly!

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    I LOVE toddler beds. They can climb in and out of it on their own. If they fall out of bed it isn't as far of a fall. Then they can usually just get back in and go back to sleep. Plus it is still on the mattress they are used to. I just love it. I also have an extra twin bed but I still put my daughter into her toddler bed when she was 15 1/2 months old. She didn't have a single problem with it. In fact, at nap time, she holds my hand while we walk to her room. Then she climbs in and goes to sleep. It is awesome. Good luck and congrats on the new little one on the way

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  • We used a toddler bed because it is much closer to the floor and reduces the risk of injury should they fall out of bed. Also some children are just not comfortable with a bigger bed that has no side rails. If you are concerned about cost, try looking around at garage sales or used furniture places.

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    I prefer twin beds, but I would wait until she's at least two and then also use side rails on the bed. In my opinion, why get them used to sleeping in a toddler bed, then to just have to move them to a twin bed?

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    ahhh the mighty bed switch what fun, If you already have a twin bed.Dont bother with the toddler bed.If needed buy a little plastic stool for her to climb on the bed.

    What we did with all of ours was we started with the twin mattress and boxspringsitting on the floor so they could get in and out easy and so they wouldnd climb under the thing. when they got used to it about a month we put it back on the frame.we have had toddler beds due to space restrictions however they honestly are not worth it.They aren't built to last for anyperiod of time. within the 2 yrs we lived in that house we bought 4 of them, Because they are not quality beds. Good luck to ya.

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