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why girls like to show off ? are they more exhibitionist?

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    Lots of reasons, but I think they want to feel attractive, and when they wear sexy clothing that surely comes out. It attracts guys attention. They don't have to be exhibitionists to be attractive. Some clothing accentuates the positives, her legs, top or bottom for instance. Maybe stockings or short skirts, or whatever. So whatever they come up with to bring attention to certain areas gets that attractiveness out.

    Now, of course, some are merely flirts. Some like to show off. Some like to be liked. Some like to be funny. Everyone is a little different. But as to why they show off, I think it depends on the girl. And yes, some like to exhibit more than others.

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    They like to show off so that they can get a lot of guys attracted to them, the more attracted to them, that will attract even more guys to her yet.

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