Please tell me what should I do? Love problems...?

I have a crush. Let's jus say that his name is 'Chad'. Chad and I are good friends. I like Chad so much. He's a nice and sweet guy. I like him so so much. I just wish that I could be his girlfriend. I think he likes me too cause he always staring at me and I caught him staring at me a lot! Sometimes, when I caught him staring at me, he pretend to look at someone else. Many people advice me to tell him that I like him more than a friend(Yahoo Answers) Because he's shy and untalkative boy. Well, he's single. One day, he tell me that his crush is dating another boy(his crush is in a relationship). And his crush, obviously not me. The girl is in another school. And he's been crushing on that girl for years. Poor him. And I still don't tell him that I love him. Do you think that he still like his crush eventhough, she's not single? What should I do? Move on?

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    You need to tell him how you feel, If he doesnt feel the same why just be friends if possible, But I think he likes you too!

  • sure you can still " love " someone even though they are dating someone else. you can even " love " someone that is in " love " with someone else. the thing is are you prepared for the possibility that this person doesn't even know anything about how you feel and you take a big chance of getting hurt if you tell them how you feel. I would just be friends, with this person. you may find that this is the best thing for you. even if you do move on he will still feel the same way, until he doesn't feel that way. this other girl is either unaware of his feelings or really doesn't care one way or the other how he feels. Love is a really neat thing to be in it can bring you up to the highest clouds but, it can also bring you to the lowest depths. at least thats how it can make you feel. being that you are still in school, the best thing I can tell you to do is move on. it is sad that this boy does not realize that you have this crush on him and that he could have a best friend in you, but, you can't make him realize no matter what you do. he is " blind " to your feelings. that means he only know what he is feeling right now, and is feeling the pains of his crush. ( that being the lows I mentioned earlier ) you are feeling the unrequited love feelings, that means you " love " someone that doesn't " love " you back. you are learing from this life process that sometime even though you feel that you could or would be the best for the " love " of you life we cannot change a persons feelings. we can only be a friend. and listen to them. then as the crush goes away, and it will, eventually. we can go on with our lives.we will find other loves of our lives. it took me till I was almost 40. I am 45 now so, you see, love is as ageless as time itself. the lowest we feel is never going to stop time itself. the sun always rises the next day so that we may start fresh with our lives. Just so you know there have been many people in this life time that have been friends with the ones they love and found this has to be enough for them. because, they have found that for themselves to be with the person as a friend is better than not at all. yes, love can also be very confusing too. but it all boils down to what is best for you, and only you can decide that for yourself, because only you know how you feel deep down inside. you may feel the best thing to do is just to go on with you life, and find other interest.

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    First of all, if he's single, you should not concern yourself with the other "possibilities" that he has. You should kiss him. You definitely should NOT tell him you love him. This is a big first move. Kissing is a sure fire way to find out if he likes you. When you guys are hanging out or whatever, find the right moment. And kiss him. Then leave it at that. If he wants more, he'll definitely come back for more.

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    you have to tell him. If you don't, one day someone will tell him and he's going to be very uncomfortable hearing it from someone else and be weird with you and you might lose him as a friend. You have to have a respectful conversation with him where you tell him how you feel and even if he doens't feel the same about you, you still want to stay friends. good luck!

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    He may have told you that to see your reaction. If you didn't show any, he may be thinking that you are not really interrested.

    Tell him you like him anyways.

    You have to be direct, guys don't get "hints". You could walk up and kiss him and he would still ask "What was that for?"

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