Unconditional love??

Ok. Here is a story.

There is a man. He is family to you in some way. He has been charged with lying to the grand jury in a possible murder/kidnapping case. He is awaiting trial. Would you have unconditional love for him? Would you still support him?? Would you believe him?? Would you defend him without knowing ALL the details? Or would you let people talk their crap? Why??


A little more detail. The charges are stemmed off of something that happened 10 years ago. Also.. he isnt asking for support or anything. And he is only charged with knowing something about the case... not actually doing anything.

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    No matter what a member of my family did I would always have unconditional love for them, I may not approve of what they did but I would be there to support them, as they all ready know the wrong they have done.

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    I would not have unconditional love for him because if he lied to the grand jury in a possible murder/kidnapping case he obviously has something to hide. I would sit back and wait to see the outcome of the case. I would stay neutral and I certainly wouldn't listen to other people talk. Good Luck!!

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    This is a tough scenario. I think it would depend on the relationship I had with him previously and how well you know him. I do believe in standing by family through thick and thin. I don't think you should decide until you've heard all the details of the story. Until then, give him your love and support.

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    If it were my wife I'd be standing beside her the whole time, because I love her unconditionally, meaning I love her expecting NOTHING in return. I get that love from my children, and I get that from my wife.

    The moment we start putting conditions on our love, is when problems start. It would be like if I said to my wife, I love you only if you give me sex. That's not right, because that's not what I fell in love with my wife about, sex was just something that came with it. I love my wife for who she is, not what she does, and I love her no matter what happens. She's the woman that God has blessed me with. So no matter what, I would stand beside her and defend her. I've had people talk crap about her, and I have stood up for her reguardless of what anyone said about her.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes you should remain supportive of him no matter what. Even if he ends up in jail you should be there for him. He may have made a huge mistake but that shouldn't change your love for him, like Cynnie said though, make sure he doesn't take advantage of your trust and support. Just be there for him.

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    Defend him w/o knowing ALL of the details? No, who wants to support a murderer/kidnapper? Find out the truth, first, you may not like what you hear.

  • 1 decade ago

    Do you need your head examined ? Why would you want to even know someone like this ? That he knows something about the case is even scary that he could come into contact with someone who was capable of this kind of crime . Girl Please run and I do mean run the other way . People have enough hardship in their lives without all this drama. good luck to you and god bless and happy holidays.

  • 1 decade ago

    Just not the type of person that I would chose to be tangled up with so, no, I would not stand by them.

    I would still love them but from a distance. I would want no part in the chaos.

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    TRUE LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL however, that does not mean that you are "blind" to his very serious actions. You may testify on his behalf but be honest and speak the truth, whatever that may be. Give him good advise and tell him to repent for his actions (sins) and to take responsibility for them. That will be showing TRUE and UNCONDITIONAL love for him.

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    1 decade ago

    possible murder? Lying to the court? Stay away from the loser. I would make sure HE was not able to trace me either.

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