Which Christmas gift sounds like a better idea for my 3 year old daughter?

So it's the shopping season and I need some advice as to which would be the best idea for my 3 year old little girl. Considering our living arrangements (living with my parents) at the moment and the amount of toys this girl already has, I wanted to do something more constructive for her as a gift and just get her a few little things and some stocking stuffers to open Christmas day. She is a very energetic girl and loves playing with drums, keyboards, etc. and also loves to dance and jump and be active. I was thinking of either getting her an instrument along with lessons but I don't know if this is age appropriate or trying out something like karate, ballet, or gymnastics but I want something that might transcend with her as she gets older but I don't know which one would be best to start her out with now. Any advice would be appreciated or personal experience with one's own children, etc so that I get her involved in something that she might like now and perhaps later on. Thx:)

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    Good for you for giving something that is going to benefit her way more than any toy!!

    Either choice is great, but I would go with the music/music lessons. Music is a wonderful experience for kids at any age, and studies have shown that children who are involved in music often do better in school, especially in the areas of math and science.

    Some music stores will offer lessons and will gear them to the age of the child. Or you can look into Kindermusik which start their programs at 18 months.

    Both of my kids are involved in music and have been since they were 2. They love it, and it's a joyful experience.

    Good Luck and Happy Holidays!!

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    Hi, I agree at that age starting ballet classes if you think she likes dancing, but also gymnastics do help through life for keeping the body supple and fit. I am afraid we all can only assume they will enjoy it. Also depends on weather she`s a little girl, or a tom boy, again this will shed which way she might be inclined to lean. Seriously I think she is just a little too young at the moment to put any plans into action, leave her for a while at least till she starts school and mixes with children they soon have ideas together, as to what they want to do, or even what they want to be. \Treat her at the moment, with what you say small things to open, and in stocking, but get her a selection of new clothes, something more practical for the moment. Have been there, spent loads of money on different things both girls and boys, only for them to change their minds later on, also thought what a waste of money, but at the end of it all they only live once, and I wouldn`t change any of them.

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    I wouldn't go the instrument route right now. It takes a lot of focus to learn that and at 3 I don't think the focus is quite there yet. I would recommend Karate! She's not too young at 3 years as the previous person stated, That is when most children start (there is a program called Little Dragons). My son is also very energetic and he took Karate for a year. He loved it but during the summer it interfered with his "play time" with his friends, so we decided to take a little break. He's 6. Not only is it good exercise and they get to let loose with their energy but it also teaches discipline and respect so not only are they having fun but they they are learning as well. There were many little girls in my son's class and with his program they also taught them how to deal with a stranger when they were approached and they had "life missions" they had to work on at home (ex: respect, courtesy, pride, etc). I think your daugher will love it!

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    I was thinking along the lines of tumbling classes. I know that the YMCA offers these for all age groups. It helps with all sorts of things....and it would benefit her in the future as far as athletics, dance, and overall health. It's pretty inexpensive and she would make new friends as well.

    She's wayyyyy too young for an insturment or lessons. She doesn't have the patience right now, but in a few years would be the prime time for those. Dance and gymnastics are great too, but I think that the tumbling will pinpoint which one she would rather do more. Give her options and she will shine.

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    These are the most developmental years...so let the grandparents do the plastic toy junk...and you can get things that mean a whole lot or help her with her mental development..

    Gymnastics gives little ones a good sense of balance and confidence. Karate is too early..I take Okinawan Karate and my sense thinks that kids shouldn't start before 6 years old...but that is from his wisdom. You can't go wrong with music and art....

    Make braclets together...do something that involves the two of you together with the mental challenging things...

    good luck.

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    If she likes to dance ballet may be the best one. Or maybe try each in turn. Sign up for like 6 weeks of dance, then 6 weeks gymnastics, then karate and once she's tried them all ask which she likes best and go with that. Maybe figure skating as another option?

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    Seems too young to start with lessons. It will be hard to keep her attention. Just get her a childs keyboard and see how well she does. Depends if she is interested in gymnastics or karate. All you can do is try but you may lose out on the money. But then again, she may really be into it. You never know. Good luck

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    I would say that if you're going to put her in a class, by the way you describe her. I think you can kill two birds with one stone. If she loves music and dancing then put her in a dance class. Not only will she love being around the other girls and getting to dress up for recital she'll make a lot of new friends. The best part is hopefully she will dance her self out and sleep like a dream!!!

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    I have 5 Grandchildren and my husband is a professional musician who plays several instruments. He will not give lessons to our grandchildren until they reach the age of ten. He has tried to keep their interest at an earlier age but it just didn't work. Expose them to music and age appropriate instruments to capture their creativity, but wait awhile before giving professional lessons. Our son was involved with gymnastics when he was very young and he loved it! This helps them with their interaction with other children and develops coordination. They are so proud of themselves when it comes to their organization putting on little competitions for the parents, and grandparents etc.

    Children at three years old usually Love anything that you get for them, but they really Love something that you can do with them.

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    i think a dance or gymnastics class sounds great, she might be too young for karate. its important to have kids be active from the start so that they continue to do so when they've gotten older. dance and gymnastics would be a good way for her to run around a little and get some exercise and expend some energy (which will be good when she's not as hyper at home :))

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