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Ureaplasma urealyticum in a man. Any Doctors logging on?

A woman asking a man for advice.... Did you ever have Ureaplasma urealyticum. Ive got it done some research and its a bacterial infection caused through having sex and man can give to woman or vice versa said my GP it common. My Partner wants to get himself tested and doesnt willingly want to just take the tablets which can have side affects of vomiting (which I didnt tell him). He has found out the exammination will be a thin something entered into his penus and heard its painful, is it? My GP also said the test was difficult to carry out and thus not always successful, is it true, also he said to me and something I didnt think of, if his test is negative that points the finger at me having sex with someone else (which I havent by the way) so what should be a simple thing is turning into not such a simple thing, so if I am positive he should be positive, is it true?

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    The test for a male is not painful. The organisms are sensitive and a negative culture does not positively rule it out. There is usually no nausea and vomiting associated with antibiotic therapy.

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