How much money does it take to start an active website?

I want to know how much does it take to start a website like or And where do one go to make his own website.

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    Only $7.85 for the domain name

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    You'd kick something like this off with $100 a year for some initial space (shared) just to develop it and test the waters.

    Then you need to either design the space yourself or paid a team to do it. Entry level programmers make $30K, experienced ones make $50k, specialists (Flash or SQL) make $75K, journeyman make $100-125K a year. Lead person make $150 to 175K.

    You figure you will need at least two or three programmers, but six or eight would be ideal.

    Once you get going and get users you would need a dedicated server which starts at $500 a year. If you get a lot of business you will need several servers by the end of the first year, thus it will cost you anywhere from $2,500 a year to $1,000 a month not including labor (web master, programmer on call or staff) worse case. If you start your own operation you'll need office space with constant A/C and a rack of servers connected to a T-3 or better phone line and you'll need 24/7/365 staff, which is why it's better to rent your dedicated servers, but you have no personal control over outage.

    So that's $100,000 - $150,000 first year minimum (and you need a place for the programmers to work or have them work from their homes) and then $75,000+ per year thereafter just to maintain, mimum. THis is low balling with entry level and maybe one experienced programmer. It would be more like $500,000 for a complete team to design.

    Per impression ads make you 2 to 4 cents each page view. Let's average at 3 cents so you need 2.5 million page hits with a single ad on each page to cover yearly minimum costs and 3 million to see a return on investment and make a profit. This would be minimum.

    That 8,000+ page hits per day.

    The average starting web site from a home user gets about 1,000 hits the first year. If you advertise and have content you get 4,000 hits within two years. However something with major content where a person can put stuff would make far more hits, just to come and see what it's about.

    If you design it YOURSELF first year is $100 (one hundred dollars) plus the cost of any tools (Flash, front page, etc.) plus the cost of your high speed connection.

    After that you'd need to step up to a dedicated server in quick order if people come to your site post and view as there's a lot of bandwidth! So 2nd year is $500 to $10,000 depending on just how much bandwidth you use and space you need, plus your labor

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    Are you saying a "competitor" to myspace or allhiphop? It depends on what you intend to do with the business.. You need to think through the logistics of many things, first and foremost is your audience.

    I "rent" hosting space from a company that provides hosting for about $100/yr. I've got 5 named domains hanging off the space.

    That is the cheap part. from there you have to consider the time and software requirements to develop and deploy your site. Do you want a database driven site? Do you know some basics of programming or are you looking for a "package" deal?

    I host a couple of portal sites for organizations, I opted for Open Source Code called "E107", it has many features I required including message board, and other features. There are many Open Source products where the coding is already done. You need to make it fly in your environment.

    I've built sites like this for my customers beginning at about $500 for consulting time that didn't want to do anything with the backend installation but felt comfortable with managing the site once installed. I've got one site that I babysit for a client and the fees have become a monthly fee.

    If your site becomes large enough you may want to have dedicated hosting or a dedicated server, the cost goes up with each potential audience member.

    Good luck.. If you need assistance I can provide the service from beginning to rollout on E107 for a fee. Check my profile for email addr.

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    Okay, for using your personal domain like : you need to buy a domain, but you can host your website on free domains like : or Okay second thing the domain is the adress to your website, then you will need to host your website like: using your own personal server connected to the internet or buying a hosting provider over the internet, you can use credit card. ( The free domains include servers with 100-1 gb space for your website)

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    nicely, to be honest, in case you're asking a number of those questions; you have not got any concept the place to initiate and don't even have the flair of beginning. I advise you learn slightly greater on web content previously doing something. looking an internet site call, pass to an internet site internet site and purchase the excellent kit. Make it tremendously? coach your self photograph layout, HTML & CSS. Get money? GoogleAdsense, sign in for classified ads web content. upload types? study java or get carry of a writer. build it? Take all your codes photos and jazz, positioned them in notepad, and upload them into your ftp account. confident, you opt for money. incredibly high priced for domain names recently. you would be billed each month. nicely, on the fringe of an severe super genuis. you ought to comprehend those just about thoroughly or you will screw all of it up. application is a ought to, in case you have not got application, you're screwed. application costs are transforming into incredibly so purchase them collectively as you may. Codes or textual content textile archives must be created your self on Dreamweaver or something, copying or stealing codes is stictly prohibited on web content and in case you're caught, that's incredibly common to get caught from; you are going to be sued or fined for plagrism and copyright infringement,

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    One million dollars.

    Source(s): Cuz Dr. Evil told me so
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    Yahoo has .com for $1.99 for the first year, and $19.99 after. not too bad.

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    1 decade ago has domains available from $8.95/year has web hosting available from $20/year

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    $8.95 a year

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