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Can u advice, how to behave to my husband during sex?? Am specially expecting guys advices.?

am getting married soon.Till now i have not done any sexual activities and i'm waiting to do it after my marriage only.

but i know A-Z knowledge about sex.I and my friend(girl) have watched lots of sex scenes in internet.

My question is how should i behave to my husband after marriage during sex? should i have to behave like a girl who have knowledge abt sex (OR)

should i have to act as an girl who dont have much knowledge abt sex?

I am asking this question, coz my friend insisted me to behave as a girl, who don't have much knowledge abt sex.coz she told that gents will love if a girl behaves unknowingly abt sex.(i mean A-Z abt sex).

(am indian).

please advice me.

thanks in advance.

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    Just be yourself, let it flow.

    Learn and grow together, try to be happy and make each other happy.

    Don't believe too much in movies or any other staged sex, that is not even close to the real hing.

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    Just be yourself. I'm sure your husband to be is aware you're a virgin (unless you haven't told him, in which case, do tell him before you have sex for the first time). Even though you've watched some ****, it doesn't mean you need to jump into bed and put on a ****-star act.. you'd probably feel self-conscious trying to do that the first few times. If you know a thing or two about sex, use them... if not, then just let him do most of the work the first time. Most importantly-- enjoy it! :)

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    What i can advise you is that if you know about sex (having tried your best to be informed about it) then there' no use in feigning ignorance. You might want to just go with the flow, let your husband take the lead, obviously, you should try to respond in a similar way. If he doesnt take the lead, chances are, he's not had sex either...?

    Trust me, when you're both in the throes of sex, you'll know what to do, when to do it, so will he, I always say, never underestimate the power of hormones!

    Well, its no use pretending you don't know something when you do, that's a form of cheating. Today's women don't need a man to tell her what to think, how to feel, or when she should start feeling sexual arousal or not. That is not something you can control, but don't go doing things like talking dirty or the likes if its only your first time, the guy might think you got your tips from a brothel. It all depends on your personalities (you and your future husband).

    I hope that your experiences will be enjoyable and remember that this is just my advice, but try to speak to your future husband openly, he's supposed to be your best friend! Discuss this openly with him and you'll be amazed at how much he respects you for your honesty. Stranger's advice are not always the best, so please be advised that speaking to your fiancé is probably your safest bet. All of my best wishes for you and your hubby!

    Source(s): Life. (ps. the word "advice" is a noun, you can say, "i need advice" but the word "advise" is the verb which says "can you advise me on this that or the other..." (the last one is the ACT of giving advice). Just thought I'd mention, take care.
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    Viewing sex on video and knowing it in person is two different things. You do have your ideas though, and have probably even developed opinion on your most favored approaches and activities.

    It is okay to be assertive in bed with your husband. But if you feel he may be intimidated, then let him take the lead initially. And let him keep the lead if he likes it..... but don't be afraid to throw something new into it every now and then, guaging his reactions.

    Also note.... that he wants to please YOU too... I doubt he wants a one-way deal. So TALK about it. Nothing promotes a happy healthy sex-life like good communication.

    Congratulations, and good luck!


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    Just be yourself and DONT keep anything back. Let him know that you Love him & show your love physically. The most special bond between husband and wife is making love not "having sex" persay but make love to him. You should not focus completely on getting right to the point. For a suggestion - maybe just cuddle for a while and hold each other in your arms. Be romantic.

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    Depends on what you think your man might like. Some guys are turned on by more experienced women, and others prefer naivete. My personal take is that if you have to be calculating during your first-time sex - then you're probably not enjoying it, and not doing it right. Do what comes naturally; follow his lead. It takes two to make it happen.

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    First forget all the sex movies thats not real. Let him know this is your first time. If it is his first time too it might be a bit of a disappointment and over kinda quickly. Learn from each other let him know what is good for you and find out what gets him going.Anything that gives pleasure and is acceptable to both partners is good. I hope it becomes all you dream but remember marriage is not all sex. Well not all the time.

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    Let him be your teacher and your guide. When you get confortable with the expirience and him, then you can show him some of the tecniques thet youhave researched.

    My advice to you is for you to tell him that you are new to this,. He will cherish your purity, so if you go and start acting wild on your fisrt nightm he will think that you are lying about your lack of experience.

    good luck

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    Knowing A-Z about sex because you have watched it means very little. Sex is an experience, not just the act of intercourse....two people sharing their bodies with each other with loving feelings, and no movie can portray that properly.

    Just relax, take things as they come naturally, and enjoy the experience, the kissing, touching, feelings. If you've never had sex, you truly do know little of be who you are. Enjoy!

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    RELAX...and just let everything happen. Make sure he knows your inexperienced physically, but don't let him get an ego and be too dominating.

    Any man can get off, but a real man knows how to pleasure his woman many times before himself.

    Source(s): Almost became a sexologist
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