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which community was most likely to became a ghost town?

(A)Mining Town

(B) Meat packing Town

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    Mining town, more people and higher emotions, more violence between people

    dont hear of too many animal ghosts

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    No one can say for sure whether it is (a) or (b) because it is totally in the economics. The community would be the one with no economic sustenance. This would be your next ghost town.

  • vazid
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    No and it by no skill became clearly deserted. whether that is not any the place close to the inhabitants it became beforehand of the evacuation. As of the 2010 census some human beings stay there, it is 28 cases fewer human beings than have been there on the time of the evacuation (Chernobyl boasted a inhabitants of 14,000 human beings in '86 while the evacuation occured). the folk living there at present are human beings who refused to be evacuated.

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    If you believe in animals spirits, then then meat packing town.

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  • kimht
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    1 decade ago

    mining town likely to lose out

    once the mineral has finished the working populations will shrink

    the environment hazard will also finished out the township safety

  • 1 decade ago

    mining town

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    The community of free thought.

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