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Can anyone tell me how they started their acting career? Film and stage theater both. I just want some ideas as to how some of you got your careers started. Thanks a bunch.

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    First experience was in 6th grade as a carnival barker introducing all the other grades plays for centennial year (1967). Got my first laugh and applause for an improvised line, and have been hooked ever since.

    Some dozen plays in high school ranging from musicals to The Crucible, Waiting For Godot, and Six Characters in Search of an Author. Attended theatre summer school for three years, and while taking a year off after high school, performed in four plays at the local little theatre.

    Attended a professional theatre school at university, turning professional and then joining both CAEA and ACTRA. I've worked in theatre as am ASM, builder, designer, fight choreographer, actor and director, encompasing some 120 shows, done a number of TV guest spots, independant films, cartoon voices and commercials. I have played Shakespeare, musicals, contemporary drama, 20th century classics, farce, panto, and industrials. I have enjoyed all of it.

    I still don't make scads of money, but I do have a small reputation for delivering the goods, and would best be described as a character lead.

    Late in high school and planning to be a doctor, i had asked one my teacher directors if I could actually make a living at being a performer, and bless her heart she said, "Of course you could, you jerk!"

    Never looked back.

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    I started performing in community theatre at the age of 9. I really enjoyed it (my entire family would get involved, which was a bonus).

    I continued through high school, and decided to go to University for a majour in Theatre. I started out as an actor, and ended up falling in love with the technical side.

    From there, I chose Stage Management and began an Apprenticeship program with Canadian Actors Equity. So far I have completed work on over 200 plays in 8 years as a union member. Once you get to this point, you tend to get work more by word of mouth and who you know as opposed to the horrible resume slog of an early career.

    I have never attempted film; not really my thing. I love live performance.

    Good luck!

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    I first started at 6 years old, singing in the children's choir of the St. Louis Municipal Opera. I then spent several years in the Louisville Children's Theatre (the children's wing of the Actors Theatre of Louisville). I took every class and workshop available and auditioned for every play in my area. In high school, I worked with various community theatres, and - LOL of course - worked on all the high school plays. I went to college in NYC, which is when I discovered that I was able to offer more as a director than an actor - though I still occasionally will act in a play if it really interests me. I've only worked (as an actor) on four films - and I hated it LOL I'm definitely a 'theatre person.'

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    At the age of 10 I wrote and produced plays in my backyard, using neighbor kids as actors.

    I was in the drama department in high-school and participated in city-wide acting tournements. After school I apprenticed at a Professional Theater. After graduating high school I attend a college in Texas, that was well-known for producing excellent actors. Later I moved to NYC took acting classes until I was blue in the face. I learned a lot and auditioned when I was "right" for a role.

    I did Extra work on the soaps and moved up to Day Player roles.

    I performed in many showcases, a few good ones, but, mostly bad ones!

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    1) Saw some cool shows when I was young.

    2) Thought: "It would be great to be a part of something like that."

    3) Took classes.

    4) Auditioned for shows.

    5) Acted. Directed. Taught.

    6) The rest is history.

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    Timeframe, depends if it's traditonal or not... could go year round, or the typical fall-spring It's not at all like a normal High School... It usually has highly specialized training in various areas of interest including, acting, music,dance,instruments etc. Often times the student can "major'(like college) in a specific area of interest & recieve special training. It requires the student to be very passionate & involved in therir "major" & it requires alot of dedication. Core Classes are usually taught, but usually they're based around the "major". Students often times are required to auditions to recieve placement in such schools. You can search all over the Web for different schools & criteria... A really great movie on a performing arts school is "Step Up"...the focus is primarily dance, but it might kinda give you a taste of what it's like... Hope this helps! <3

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    I started by creating my own plays (writing and performing in them). I then learned more about all the aspects of theatre in my schooling.

    After seeing me perform, an agent sought me out and sent me on auditions for film and TV things which have provided a nice bit of extra money, but theatre remains my favorite.

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    Well you have to love it (acting that is) you have to be really really committed (lets just say unless you strike it big, you're not exactly making alot of money) and take some acting classes see some shows, if you want go to an acting highschool/college. which ever. and most of all break a leg


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    well, im an actress, i do theatre. i want to eventually work my way into film, but i love doing theatre so, ill do that my entire life.

    when i was little, before i started school, i used to play pretend with my little friends, i used to put on shows for them, i was a little actress, the little kid you knew who loved the attention, but didnt like being mocked about it.

    i started resciting poetry in this poetry contest my elementary school had, when i was 5 and in kindergarten. and i did that till i hit middle school, when i was in the 6th grade (my first year of middle school) i wanted to try it out because i hadnt been on stage in a while & i loved the thrill of it., so i did theatre from then on...

    [im fifteen now and i just finished doing "taming of the shrew" this monday. ]

    i love it.

    & im hopeing to keep doing it and eventually do it professionally.


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    I started in a small town traveling theatre company called "Missoula Childrens Theatre".

    Best of luck to you =]

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