Pro Bowl RB's?

Rosters for the Pro Bowl will be announced next week. Each conference sends 3 RB's. I'm interested in who you would pick for each conference.

I think for the AFC, LT and LJ are consensus. My vote for the 3rd would be Willie Parker of the Steelers. He's had a great season, including the top two rushing games of the year and 10 rushing TD's. A lot of teams are going the way of splitting carries, so while names like Maroney, Addai, Bell, Jones-Drew, and the like are having good years, it doesnt seem to me that they are exclusively the #1 RB the way Parker has been.

For the NFC, its a little more wide open, but my votes would go to Frank Gore, Tiki Barber (despite the lack of TD's) and Steven Jackson. You can make solid arguments for guys like Westbrook, Thomas and Julius Jones, Warrick Dunn, Chester Taylor, even Marion Barber III or Reggie Bush, but I think the value of the 3 I picked to their team was the best this season. Thoughts?

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    I'm pretty sure you nailed it there. Lt and LJ without a doubt.

    WIllie Parker is a good pick. I love the way Jones-Drew runs. He runs with heart and determination. I'd send him as a KR for the AFC.

    In the NFC it's hard to agrue with Gore or Tiki Barber. Steven Jackson has had a career season and is definitely deserving of the trip to Hawaii. The fact that Chester Taylor has been banged up and missed last week really hurt his chances.

    I like your picks and would have to agree with all of them

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    AFC is fairly easy as you have stated; LT, LJ, and fast Willie are the best options. NFC is much more open for debate. I think Gore and Jackson go for sure as both are among the top rushes in the league. Additionally, I think Tiki will go as the third. He has a high amount of rush yards and will be a fan favorite in his last season. I do think that Chester Taylor may be more deserving than Tiki this year though; he has had a great first year as full-time back.

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    Not sure about Steven Jackson but agree with all the others. As to Steven Jackson just not sure, nothing against him it is more is he really the best in that sense. So many others that you can make the case for and I don't think you replace Gore, or Barber. Barber is having a good year and he is saying he is going to retire at the end of the season. Ok you don't put that in the consideration, BUT if he is doing really good I think you do.

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    i'd really get a specialist bowl RB because i'd use him more desirable than the pro bowl WR also the RB is more desirable efficient than a WR plus you could win more desirable video games if the RB has a reliable day then the WR having a reliable day.

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