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what kind of food is better to make my son grow taller (he is 13 years)?

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    Height is a mixture of genetics and diet.

    Make sure he has a GOOD balanced diet, which will include all the food groups; protiens, fats, carbs, vitamins and minerals.

    Lots of vegetables and fruit, lean meat, whole milk, wholegrain cereals.

    After that, statistics suggest he will be 2" taller than the average of both parents.

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    Your son will only grow as tall as his genetics take him. You can foster those genes with foods rich in Vitamin D and Calcium and Vitamin b12. Believe it or not, a 12 ounce glass of milk served with a peanut butter and jam sandwich on cracked wheat has exactly those nutrients! Now we know why that is so popular.

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    Milk, it does a body good.

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